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Instagram Business: Attract Followers Monthly

Welcome to the 21st century – a time when online mediums and social networks are the best ways to spread a message and attract followers of a targeted audience. The truth is, there has never been an easier way to connect with your customers and target audience in general.

So, why not exploit it?

We know this sounds too generic to be true.

In fact, a lot of brands are trying to get big on Instagram and gain a massive following on the network, but it is not as easy as it sounds. The reason for that is simple – the audience got smarter over the years and they are too careful about who they should follow and who they should ignore.

On another note…

With more than 700 million monthly users and sky-high engagement levels, Instagram is a great place for opportunities. It is interesting for marketers, brands and companies of all sizes because it accents their social side

It’s clear that Instagram has a massive potential, whether you are growing your personal account or working on behalf of a company. In order to help you improve your business on Instagram and communicate like a big brand, we are listing our 10-step action plan to attract followers.

The 10-Step Action Plan To Attract Followers


If you are on Instagram, chances are that you know how to run your profile – but only have problems when it comes to getting unique followers. And if you don’t know how, it is really simple:

The reason we listed these aspects is simple – they are the most important things every business on Instagram should practice. On the other hand, the guide that we are listing below includes steps which are tactics to help you grow your Instagram business and attract followers.

So, let’s begin with the first one.


1. Post regularly (at least once a day)

According to some social media analytics and tools, the average Instagram accounts posts once daily, which is the best way to engage with your audience and attract followers.

Even more interesting is the fact that accounts with the highest number of fans tend to post a bit more than that with 2-3 photos per day on average.

So, the key takeaway from this is simple – post often on Instagram and make sure your posts are getting seen. The algorithm picks up good engagement and determines how the post appears near the top of your follower’s feeds – which is why you may consider posting more on a regular basis.

2. Study the hashtags and make most of them

Hashtags are not only cool to be said or used in photos. There is a big potential if you know how to use them on your Instagram brand profile to spark communication and get more visible on the social network.

You can expose your image to a large and targeted audience by doing that – and can use hashtags as your best bet for growing a fast following online.

In short, Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, which is okay for spreading the message out. According to stats, the best interactions happen when you use 11+ hashtags per post.

The best way to use them, on the other hand, is just below your original description, separated by dashes. And if you are wondering which hashtags to use, just add a couple of relevant and obvious ones to your photos – and check out what the similar photos are using along with them.

3. Share user-generated content

Your followers are the lifeblood of your business profile on Instagram. As such, you need to make their efforts pay. The best way to do that is to share user-generated content.

It’s simple – people love posts made by people and the easiest way for someone to follow you is if they see another person following you or posting a photo with you. Plus, if you share user-generated content regularly, you are leaving the impression of a big brand on Instagram already.

attract followers

You can invite all of your users to share content for your brand with hashtags like #YOURBRANDStories or #YOURBRANDCommunity (where ‘YOURBRAND’ stands for the name of your brand) and therefore open up a huge variety of content options for re-sharing.

And the best part?

This strategy will also let you explore the needs of your audience and see what they like and dislike.

4. Ask users to tag friends

One of the best ways to grow your brand on Instagram is by asking your followers to tag their friends. This can be done in a subtle way such as asking them to tag a friend they want to attend your event with – and potentially win a prize of two tickets that you will provide.

The response to posts like this is always awesome and there are a lot of people who are interested in attending your events.

5. Use the right filters

As we said earlier, it is very important to be original as a brand on Instagram. With all those filters that are fun and engaging, you have to sort out what your profile’s visual strategy will be to get the most views and engagement levels.

According to stats, filtered photos are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to be commented on than unfiltered ones. In posts like these, the kinds of filters that work best include higher exposure, warm temperatures and higher contrast ones.

6. Host photo contests


A great way to make use of your Instagram hashtags is to collect photos from followers around a specific theme and host photo contests. For example, if you are a footwear brand, you can host a photo contest and invite your fans to share photos of their favorite shoes – or recreate an iconic image of a movie with your products in it.

The opportunities are endless, and the best way to find them is to be creative with your marketing and share every contest with a dedicated hashtag to it.

7. Make use of emojis to attract followers


Instagram for business should also have a fun note. No matter how serious is your brand, everyone loves the fun that emojis are creating.

In fact, emoji is becoming a universal method of expression according to Instagram, and are used in more than 50% of the captions and comments all over the network. Everyone is drawn to them, and there are even profiles that add them to their usernames for a bit of pop.

The best thing about emojis is that they can trigger engagement levels and reassure your customers that your brand is fun, engaging and inviting. For example, who wouldn’t love a photo of a cute dog with a caption full of emojis?

8. Learn how to cross-promote with local or similar brands

Cross promotion is big on Instagram for business – and is taking over the world. Brands are collaborating unlike ever before, and all of the fans engage with different brands just because of strategies like these.

If you are new to this method of getting new traffic, it revolves around collaborating with other brands in the industry and making most of your and their products.

For example, shirt brands are usually tying in with shoe brands and offering prizes, hosting contests or campaigns on Instagram where each user should like, follow and tag a couple of friends in order to sign up for the contest and get a free shirt and shoes.

Cross-promotion can also be done on a variety of social networks. For example, you can cross-promote your campaigns on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and shape them up differently – for some additional discovery of your followers.

9. Make use of video

If you are wondering what’s the best way to get a competitive edge on Instagram (and every social network in general) – it has to be video.

Video has grown so much and has been used more and more on Instagram for business. Brands are using videos between 3-60 seconds in lengths (as allowed by Instagram) and ever since the feature was introduced, more than 5 million videos were shared in only 24 hours.

Another research shows that around 10% of posts on Instagram now are videos, and they are getting about a fifth of all the comments! In short, videos have a massive potential to go viral and are best used by brands just like yours.

10. Build relationships

Last but not least in the tips we are sharing regarding Instagram for business – is to build relationships.


Brands forget what is the purpose of social media nowadays, and what truly matters in all of that. According to users, it is the friends we talk to, the relationships we create and the fun we have on Instagram.

So, if you make sure to blend all of these aspects in your strategy on Instagram, you will instantly see better results and attract followers with quality. Or in practice, just make sure to like comments, follow some new friends, comment and reply to your comments and in short – connect with your audience. Only that way, you will understand their needs and desires and know how to fulfill them.

How To Drive Traffic And Make Most Of Instagram For Business?

Every one of these aspects will fall into water if you don’t consider using something to drive traffic to your website, other social pages or campaigns and promotions.

We are talking about links, and the possibility to direct your followers to specific ones meant for specific actions.

Whether you are running a promotion and want to give your followers a 20% coupon – or maybe doing your best to get them to sign up – links are the best way to drive traffic and give the answer why Instagram has value nowadays.

However, Instagram does not allow links on posts or comments – so if you want to send your followers to a specific link, you must post it in your bio (by tweaking your Instagram profile settings) and add the comment ‘link in bio’ to a corresponding photo or video that you post.

The Perfect Instagram Post 


‘What makes a perfect post on Instagram – and how to make most of every post?’

This is what many brands are asking themselves when considering the major opportunities on Instagram for business. According to statistics, the anatomy of a perfect Instagram posts includes:

  • a visually appealing image that is of high-quality and relevant to the audience
  • bright lighting that highlights your product or service
  • attention-grabbing caption and a direct question for even more engagement
  • call-to-action that leads the followers to a link or entices them to perform some action
  • relevant hashtags to that your content goes viral

Just remember this checklist and make sure always to use it when posting on Instagram!

A Final Word

Instagram marketing for businesses is getting bigger and bigger. It helps businesses increase the value of their services and talk to their audiences in a way that connects with them on a deeper and more personal level.

Statistics say that more than two-thirds of all the top brands are now using Instagram and ones that aren’t are just getting started. On the other hand, successful brands know the real power of Instagram and how many sales it gets them on a regular basis.

That being said, it is clear that Instagram for business is making its way to one of the best marketing strategies for businesses all around the world. It works 24/7 and has massive potential, which is only some of the reasons to consider it, grow your business and attract followers monthly.

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