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Have you ever wondered how easy or difficult it is to become a fashion blogger on Instagram?

If you are on social media, you have probably seen some of the best fashion bloggers and the amazing photos they post online. Instagram has become the ultimate arena where most of these fashion brands, blogs and bloggers are showcasing their creativity and making most of their style.

The truth is, there are many things to consider when making such leap forward. You should continuously learn, improve yourself and scale your blog gaining thousands of new followers every week. So, it is safe to say that even if it looks like a great job, becoming an Instagram fashion blogger and influencer is a difficult journey.

Knowing that the battle for more followers is real nowadays on Instagram, it takes some time to learn how to increase your follower count and become a successful fashion blogger. Today, we are doing just that and showing you what blogging is all about.

fashion blogger on instagram

The First Step: Start An Instagram-Linked Fashion Blog And Link It To Your Profile

The reason why fashion bloggers on Instagram are popular lies way behind their profiles with cute pictures. If you are wondering how to make money on Instagram by fashion blogging, you should know that at first, you need the fashion blog where you will write stuff, promote clothes and (eventually) get paid for it.

When you see, every successful fashion blogger on Instagram has a blog as the backbone of their profile. If you are looking for inspiration, you can check this list of fashion blogs/brands and bloggers to follow in 2017.

At this point, you should know that WordPress is your best chance for a fashion blog, just because of its easy content customization options and the fact that it is the most popular blog platform online. Once you set it up and pick a nice theme, you should know what your first posts will be – or how you are going to use your Instagram pictures to create posts and promote clothes, accessories etc.

However, the point where you are monetizing your blog comes later – when you actually get the followers you need and direct them to your blog. So, what you should do after you set up your blog and link it to your Instagram profile (with a link in your bio) is the hardest mission ever – finding and attracting followers.

Your Instagram Pictures Should Be…

If you are wondering what do a successful fashion blogger on Instagram share, it is nothing but great pictures. So, the first rule you should learn is regarding content and your Instagram pictures.

Without pictures that are…

  • Original – Make sure to not copy other bloggers and be yourself when taking your photos
  • Creative – The only way to keep things interesting is to use different locations, different backgrounds, pieces in your looks and keeping things varied
  • Clear – There is nothing worse than your followers looking at blurry photos and not being able to see the outfit or the person behind the blur – so consider investing in a great camera
  • Colorful – Everyone loves color – it is lively and eye-catching, so make sure to use adequate colors for different seasons and trick the eyes of your potential followers into following you

…You will never make it as a successful Instagram fashion blogger. After all, each user has to be sure that your content is worthy of seeing before he hits the ‘Follow’ button, right?

Getting Around Followers And Optimizing Your Profile

Your Instagram fashion blog and profile should be perfectly synchronized. Usually, fashion bloggers on Instagram put entire galleries with many photos on their blogs – and feature only a couple of them at a time on Instagram.

been workin on my posing 🙃

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fashion blogger on instagram

So, starting to optimize your fashion blogger profile on Instagram should include the following aspects:

  • Content – Each one of your pictures matters. The first 12 images, according to studies, is what makes the first impression for every potential follower of yours out there. So, make sure to find an aesthetic theme that you like, pick which colors you are going to use most (some prefer bright colors themes and some prefer darker or black-white) and see what best represents your personality. You can edit your pictures in the same effects (by using these tools) and should invest in a camera if you are serious about blogging.
  • Niche – Finding your niche is the key factor when connecting to your followers. Even though you label yourself as a ‘fashion blogger’, there are different audiences out there and different sub-categories in fashion. For example, you can wear suits – or you can wear hip clothes. Finding your niche is as important as your style.
  • Build your follower base – For many this is the key factor when becoming a successful fashion blogger. Learning how to build a follower base is crucial – and requires a lot of time. You should reply to many comments and emails, follow other people as well, reach out to other influencers and brands to cross-promote your IG profile or leave comments on their page regularly. These are some of the tricks that seem to work for many popular Instagram fashion bloggers. Even though they can take some time, they add up and give amazing results.
  • Make real connections – There are many support groups of fashion bloggers on Instagram and in the Telegram app. You can also join forums to motivate yourself, find out new techniques and see the best practices when starting out in this field. According to many successful bloggers nowadays, these things tend to work and learn you how to build solid and sustainable connections. The connection may even lead to real friendships and inspire you in the long run.
  • Staying consistent – You need to create a schedule for posting on Instagram and sticking to it. For this, you have to set expectations for your readers and always keep them engaged. This way, they will be looking forward to each of your new posts on Instagram and your blog. While most of the successful online fashion bloggers on Instagram post at least once daily, it can be challenging to do that in the beginning. This is why you should create a schedule like bi-weekly or weekly posts and decide when are the best times for new photo shoots.
  • There will be haters – You should know that there will always be people who will not like what you do – but you should not take them for granted. If you see, there are hate-shaming comments on basically every fashion blog and especially Instagram comment box. So, you should know that not everyone is going to fall in love with what you do – and adapt to it. That is why you should find your tribe and see what they like most. When you see, the haters can be your benefit and help you climb up.
  • Know the basic rules – Some of the best ways to achieve success with your blogging include writing about celebrity styles and using approachable clothing that is fairly affordable for your target audience as well. You should also write frequently and make sure to always include advice for your readers – after all, that is why they read you in the first place!
  • Be original (and be yourself) – You should not let your fashion blog become a big advertisement – and always be picky when it comes to it. Make sure to be original and write 100% unique content as the only way to succeed and spread your message out there. Just as your personal appearance, people will see you and how you present your blog. So, share your unique view on fashion with the world and just be yourself.
  • Do videos (on YouTube and Instagram) – One of the great things that fashion bloggers on Instagram have started doing is embracing video as part of their online journey. It’s true that a couple of years ago, the idea of a fashion blogger did not include video whatsoever. However, Instagram changed that with the ‘Stories’ feature and now “video” is the most vivid and unique way to tell your story.

fashion blogger on instagram

These are some of the quick rules in regards to becoming a fashion blogger on Instagram and building your follower base. However, once you reach this milestone – things will get more serious and you should start thinking about money.

Monetization: How To Earn Money As A Fashion Blogger On Instagram

Obviously, money is everyone’s focus when it comes to becoming an Instagram blogger. Sure, the recognition, getting to wear what you like and go where you like are great – but they won’t be there without money, right?

So, if you want to have an Instagram feed up and running, you should know how to get the cash start rolling in. Wondering how you can monetize from Instagram and make money as an Instagram fashion blogger?

1. Learn your niche

The first thing you should do is learn more and more about your niche. See what the other fashion bloggers are doing, how do they earn money and how much do they cash in based on the number of their followers.

Believe it or not, you can start cashing in money even from an audience of 5k to 10k followers. Every one that you gain is money in your pocket – and you should treat your Instagram profile as the business it is.

2. Get Media Attention

The more media attention you have – the more followers you will be able to gain – and the more appealing you are to potential sponsors. Obviously, the main monetization option on Instagram is getting sponsored by a brand to post or promote their stuff.

That is how famous fashion bloggers on Instagram get paid and why they keep wearing the same clothes or accessories. However, what makes them famous is the media attention – so think of a nice way to get some positive press.

One great strategy for the beginning is to start helping people online – on websites like Quora and forums – where most of them have questions in regards to fashion. You can easily position yourself as an authority there, start answering questions and always blend in your blog address – in order to get targeted traffic to it!

3. Get An Agent

Lastly, if you cannot figure how to get real followers and become a fashion blogger on Instagram, you should hire an agent or an agency specialized in making you more visible on Instagram and helping you build a solid follower base.

Many popular fashion bloggers on Insta are collaborating with agents and agencies. In the beginning, these can be online agencies that are specialized in getting you more organic followers, but later on, they can help you negotiate the legalese that comes with your business and advocate for you as you grow.

A Final Note

The best way to motivate you at this point is the following fact….

Instagram is perfect for fashion and visual content. In fact, there hasn’t been a social network with a growth compared to Instagram and potential opportunities offered by it.

So, you might sit there and think that you are no one on Instagram, but just take a deep breath and open the app again. See all the faces that made it and how they did it. The chances are that no one knew who they were – and they made the very best of the social network.

If you are interested in making most of your potential and learning how to become a fashion blogger on Instagram, we hope this basic guide helped you. Fingers crossed for many likes, comments and follows!

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