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It is safe to say that Instagram is changing every year. However, that doesn’t mean that the second largest social network in terms of users (700+ million) is getting less popular. Instead, it seems like everything is gaining more popularity on Instagram – from the number of shares to the number of new registered users every month.

The reason for that is rather obvious. Instagram is a social network which displays visual representations of many different things – served directly on our feed. With its latest addition from last year, Instagram Stories, the social network led over 300 million people to use it every day. This number has alone outperformed the popularity of Snapchat (its rival network) in every possible way.

However, the Stories are not the only thing that Instagram rolled out recently. The Archive feature was also introduced in June 2017, allowing users to save the posts they like in their personal Archive or hide some posts that don’t fit in their archive.

In 2018, we are ready to see even more by Instagram. Below, we are listing some of the main things and features that everyone should expect.

1.Instagram Stories Will Keep On Dominating

As we said above, the Instagram Stories are certainly the most dominant feature that Instagram has rolled out over the years. Their amazing potential has even outperformed Snapchat’s stories (which is basically how Snapchat works).

The number of Instagram users who post stories daily increased from 250 million in August 2017 to 300 million in 2018 – a number that is growing as we speak and a number that doubles the interest seen on Snapchat.

In 2018, the Instagram Stories will keep their dominance. In fact, we are about to see more Stories than ever before. We will see them in more places, more often and by more people than usual. Since November, Instagram Stories also moved to desktop which shows that they are an integral feature of the photo-based network already. As of December, Stories got to another level. Every user can feature the best ‘Story Highlights’ on their profile which increased the popularity of this feature even more.

The recent introduction of Story polls, GIF additions and numerous ways to customize your own story show that people are in need of more tools and advanced features when sharing their instant moments with their followers.

Instagram Trends

With all of these features, the Instagram Stories are certainly keeping up the momentum. And while no one knows what’s next regarding this feature, people are confident that Instagram will only continue to improve it and creatively change it.

2. Instagram Live Is A Feature That Will Be Used More & More

Second on the list of Instagram trends for 2018 is Instagram Live – the feature that allows you to shoot a live video and stream it directly to your friends. So far, a feature like this was only available online via streaming networks and with special technologies.

However, from the moment Instagram Live was brought closer to the masses, it helped in creating a stronger and more personal connection between the users and the audience. In some way, Instagram Live even outperformed Instagram Stories (when seen through the personal connection and perspective).


Instagram Trends

For example, every time a user is recording something live on Instagram, the in-app notification lets you see it directly and gives you the perfect example of immediacy marketing in full action. With Instagram Live, the content can be seen one-time only which makes it even more appealing and interesting to people.

Some of the novelties that were added to Instagram Live over the past year include the feature of going ‘live’ with a friend or being able to request to join someone else’s Live broadcast. With this, Instagram has been contributing to the community and engagement-driven approach in the smartest way possible.

3. Your Instagram Feed Grid Could Change (To 4×4 Instead Of 3×3)

There are so many Instagram users who live and breathe the 3×3 grid type and have been arranging their profiles in that manner for years. However, this may change soon with the introduction of the 4×4 grid that is apparently coming to Instagram.

Even though this is just the rumors talking, what’s certain is that Instagram will be less about you – and more about the people around you. That being said, the social network will urge people to engage more with video content rather than images. We already know that video has been creating momentum and is nowadays present in more than 30% of the content on Instagram.

If this happens, there will be both good and bad things on Instagram. The bad ones will be linked to the inability to see the grid perfectly – but the good things will be that everyone will get closer to the real-life content shared by Instagram users (hopefully in the form of video).


4. The App Will Try To Get To Know You Better

We are living in 2018, a time when apps are trying to get to know us better. What a time to be alive – right?

Instagram is one of the leading apps in this manner. And while some people are flattered by this move, others are a bit afraid and wondering what’s the border between nice and creepy. However, Instagram’s main mission in 2018 is to feed you with more personalized content than ever before.

This will also give you more control over your feed and every post that you will see in your feed will be based on your needs and wants. You know, just like the posts by some users that you see more often – and the posts by other users which can only be seen if you scroll down and then more down…

Instagram Trends

Some of the novelties from this perspective already include features like following hashtags on Instagram (and seeing the hashtag feed in your feed). This 2018 Instagram trend goes in so much detail that you can actually customize each hashtag by tapping on the three dots and select “Don’t Show for This Hashtag” on all the photos that you don’t want to see.

All of this leads to one direction – and a future where every bit of content placed on our feed will be reserved only for us. Just like that waiter who always knows what you eat and drink, Instagram will also know which posts you like and which you don’t in 2018.

5. More Payment Options (And More Paid Content?)

There are some rumors that Instagram will start accepting cryptocurrencies for its marketing purposes – but let’s keep this away for now. What we can say for certain is that the world of advertising on Instagram is developing at a fast pace – coming up with new and more personalized features every single day and week.

Just like the personalization that occurs on a personal level, there will be a deeper personalization available when you are advertising a post to your target audience. Instagram could prioritize paid content over organic content (which is not something everyone is happy about) and that could affect both businesses and private accounts.

Instagram Trends

What we know for sure is that paid (advertised) posts are showing up more and more on everyone’s Instagram feed – and advertising is becoming more prominent with both feed and Story native ads. According to stats, there are more than 1 million active advertisers on Instagram and estimated revenue of 2.81 billion by the end of 2017.

6. Shopping Via Instagram Is Becoming A Reality

Shoppable Instagram posts are also something that is talked about a lot this year. For many marketers, shopping on the network is one of the best 2018 Instagram trends to come – and something that could become real thanks to the development of the network.

As Instagram stated on their official website:

“When it comes to shopping, we set out to create something that was less transactional and more immersive. Something that gave people more time and space to browse and evaluate products, making mobile shopping feel just like shopping. The solution is not as simple as just adding a buy button.”

Instagram Trends

Currently, Instagram supports shoppable tags on posts only for selected US based business accounts that have Shopify integration. However, shoppable content is a growing trend and Instagram won’t overlook it for sure. There is a high demand from users to be able to shop the products they see directly (rather than swiping up or visiting the link in someone’s bio) – and it is a matter of time until we will all be buying our favorite products through Instagram.

Are We Ready To See These Instagram Trends In 2018?

For many, Instagram is an app that is moving in the right direction. Simply put, every new launch of the app gets more and more interesting and a lot of that has to do with the content and the opportunities that the network gives to us.

Instagram is after all a network that comes closer to 1 billion in terms of its user base. For many bloggers, vloggers and influencers, it is a full-time job. For others, it is just an inspiration and a source of content. And for companies, it is just in between – serving as a great portal for building authority and a nice way to get closer to the target audience.

But the big question is…

Are we ready to change as Instagram changes?

The answer is – yes. In fact, more than ever before.

To prove it, let’s just say that after each new feature, every new change of algorithm and every new edition, Instagram is getting more and more popular. The user base is always growing and the amount of content is just getting bigger.

A Final Word

In the end, everyone should know that while Instagram’s posts are no longer getting the amount of exposure they used to – they are now at least reaching the right people. So, it is worth saying that you should spend more time posting to Instagram Stories and perfecting your photos/videos so that you make the most of every single post that you publish out there.

We hope that our list of 2018 Instagram trends helped you see in which direction Instagram is going (and how to keep up the pace with it). Good luck!

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