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Attracting engaged public to your brand on Instagram is a difficult task that requires a lot of work.

You, who have your mark on Instagram, certainly agree with that.

Since the announcement saying that Instagram will introduce the buys function within the platform, brands are wondering how they can stand out from the crowd now that the competition for the sale is getting more fierce.

Here, we’ll list the 8 essential tips for you to successfully highlight and position your brand on Instagram.

These tips can be applied to most brands and are designed to help small businesses that are trying to find ways to stay in this competition by attracting potential followers/customers and engaging them.

Highlight your customers

Make the most of any user-created content with which you can get the most reach possible on the platform. Every time you reset a picture of a branded customer on Instagram by mentioning it, you’re interacting with his followers and yours, improving your reach.

Optimize your photos

If you use Instagram for your brand, you are expected to build a quality feed with beautiful photos.

There’s no way: that’s how it works.

Your Instagram account is the showcase of your brand. Treat it as such.

Create a concept for your brand on Instagram

Choose a color to stay “featured” in all your posts. Doing this will also help you create a clear brand identity on Instagram: followers should be able to recognize your posts when they are browsing the feed.

Choose at most 3 edit filters and stay with them, exploring their possibilities. This step will help you create more than one pattern for your feed.

The visual concept idea unites politeness, beauty, and cohesion to your feed and enhances the user experience that navigates through it.

Publish images in a sequence, so they appear as large montages in your feed. Each image complements the other, forming a mosaic. The set-up below is Soul Music singer Instagram, Anderson .Paak (@anderson._paak).

Backstage / Making of

Show a little of the daily life of your company. Curious and interesting moments, involving projects of your brand, are great alternatives to connect with your audience.

If you do not want to publish this type of content in your profile, use the Instagram Stories (Snapgram).

Post on current trends

Always be relevant, keeping events up to date and using popular hashtags. This type of activity shows to your followers that you are not just there to sell, but also entertain and inform them.

The most popular hashtags expose your Instagram to millions of users (do not forget that it has to be related to your brand). Check your followers’ accounts for ideas and inspiration for your posts.

Marking the follower who inspired it is also a magnificent way of connecting, which promotes loyalty relationship with the brand.

Use influence to promote your brand on Instagram

Identify potential influencers for your brand. Influence is already huge on Instagram and will grow larger throughout 2017. So make sure you know how to use programs with influencers in your favor.

Make purchase link available in feed

Add a clickable link to your bio to take your followers to your site or wherever you want.

Enjoy the visual appeal of Instagram to talk about the purchase link or targeting in the captions of the photos. If you wish, also advertise in them the price of products or details about events, for example.

If you are interested in selling your products through Instagram, you must advertise. Set your goal and target your audience appropriately to create a marketing strategy on Instagram.

Always be upfront and work with your planned week. It is advisable to post daily to be always present in the user’s feed. However, be careful not to post too much. The variation between 1 and 2 posts a day is ideal for posting.

Also, schedule your posts in advance, so you have an overview of your week. Applications such as Buffer provide this kind of service. If you even want to post your photos without using programming tools, there is the possibility of saving drafts of the photos in Instagram itself.