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Follow On Instagram: 20 Fashion Blogs & Brands

Instagram is a dose of inspiration – whether it’s all about food, travel, love quotes or fashion.

And when it comes to fashion, most of you out there cannot resist but tap ‘Follow’ on every single one of the fashion blogs on Instagram that appears in our Search feed.

However, aside from fashion, a lot of entrepreneurs follow brands like these on Instagram to get inspired and motivated. With no other B2C industry thriving on Instagram quite like the fashion one, there is no way why you shouldn’t do the same, especially if you are working in fashion or having a blog yourself.

So, it is safe to say that fashion brands on Instagram are more than just profiles packed with images and video. Instead, they have risen to the top, becoming the masters of consumers engagement on the visual marketing platform.

To help you see the mastery of these fashion brands, we are rounding up the list of 20+ fashion blogs to follow on Instagram. In order to let you see the different strategies from brands and influencers, we are categorizing them separately below.

Fashion Brands To Follow On Instagram

Below, we are rounding up the best fashion brands to follow on Instagram. More importantly, we are saying a word or two on what made them great over the years and how they built strong bases of followers.

1. Everlane – @everlane

Everlane just knows how to run their Instagram social channel well. Aside from their amazing product imagery, they also feature photos of their customers wearing Everlane clothes and, that way, they psychologically inspire many other to purchase from the brand.

The captions are another thing that makes Everlane’s social game strong. They give tips on food and art destinations in different cities across the globe, which makes them both useful and photo-appealing.

2.Nike – @nike


Nike has more than 74 million followers, which is a fan base that is big and strong. But how do you build such fanbase – disregarding the fact that you are one of the most popular sport brands in the world?

A lot of media outlets have spoken about the influence behind Nike’s Instagram strategy and the masterminds behind it. What everyone can see is that Nike is using a subtle approach in promoting their clothes.

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Cortez. Since day one. #teamnike @kendricklamar

A post shared by nike (@nike) on

Not only they embraced video as a way to tell a story on Instagram, they also invite professional athletes, artists and regular fitness enthusiasts to take part in their Instagram strategy. That way, Nike has become one of the best fashion blogs to follow socially.

3. Teva – @teva

Teva is a brand that manufactures unique sandals. Even though their products seem simple, the brand has a unique strategy in marketing them online. For example, they feature their sandals out in the wild – or do sleek product shots highlighting their new styles.

Playing with the different colors and sceneries is what makes Teva popular on Instagram – and how they managed to build an excellent follower base over the years (combining product photos with fan-based photos as well).

4. Zara @zara

When seen from outside of every shop, Zara seems like a regular day-to-day brand with an elegant choice of clothes made for all styles and both men and women. However, when seeing their Instagram profile – you can immediately see that there is more behind the Zara you know.

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Pearly beret 3920/244

A post shared by ZARA Official (@zara) on

That is how Zara made a name for itself over the years and how it became one of the top fashion blogs you should follow on Instagram. Not only they regularly partner with big names in the fashion industry – they also emulate the marketing of more expensive and luxury brands. This shows to the regular customers (like yourself) that the brand is more than just a regular one and that it has more to offer in every possible way.

5. Kate Spade @katespadeny

If you are wondering how to blend in a personal touch that sets you aside from all the similar brands in your industry, you have to see Kate Spade’s profile on Instagram. The brand embraces everything that makes it unique – from the vivid colors to the New York (and other cities) ambiance and the snaps from around the city.

The studio is also seen in most of the photos, making the brand hip and perfectly adapting it to its target audience – millennials with a sense of freedom in fashion.

6. Armani @giorgioarmani

There is something about Armani on Instagram that makes it a great fashion brand to follow – and it is most probably something about the faces that the brand covers in each of their shots.

Armani does things from a different point of view socially – they do not promote their clothes in the main spotlight. Instead, they focus on stories and embrace videos as part of their campaigns. This is how they grew to 9.2 million followers, each praising every new post from them.

7. Club Monaco @clubmonaco

Established in 1985 but starting on Instagram just a couple of years ago, Club Monaco has perfectly mimicked their unique details in a digital form.

Even at first glance, you can see the quality of their clothes, see how cool they look on ordinary people and get to know what they are worn best with.


Club Monaco is all about patterns, faces and great elegant fashion. You can easily see that by checking their profile out on Instagram.

8. Marc Jacobs @marcjacobs

Glamour in its best light.

That is one way to explain what Marc Jacobs is all about on Instagram. Unlike many brands that are keeping things minimalistic, Marc Jacobs is all about colors and all about different shades and fades of them.

You can see everything – from the latest fashion accessories to street style photos of celebrities wearing the brand. The message behind this profile is clear – and it has never failed to attract many followers.

Fashion Influencers To Follow On Instagram

In this section, we are listing all the famous faces of Instagram that are regularly promoting fashion brands and taking part in paid partnerships with them. We are also including a link to their blogs – where they give their thoughts on apparel and connect with their fans on a deeper level.

It is easy to see how great their strategies are – and the fact that everything looks good on them.

1. Erika Boldrin of MyFreeChoice.net@erika_boldrin

The fact that many ordinary girls have made fantastic fashion brands of themselves on Instagram is amazing. Still, the talent for that can be obviously seen as soon as you check their blogs out.

She is glamorous and very creative – and it is easy to see that Erika is doing everything to appear natural online. And according to her fan base, that seems to work just right.

2. Marta Cygan of LifeofBoheme.com – @lifeofboheme

Marta Cygan is the perfect example of a girl enjoying life. She can be seen everywhere from Paris to LA, drinking her coffees, playing with dogs and buying clothes from her favorite brands. And even though there are many girls with these habits, Marta does it in style – all documented on her blog (lifeofboheme.com) and Instagram profile.

3. Natasha Oakley of ABikiniADay.com – @tashoakley

Natasha Oakley is an Australian babe who enjoys every moment of her life. When she is not around her boyfriend, she can be seen wearing amazing bikinis everywhere around the world.

Her partner ‘in crime’, Devin Brugman is always by her side, and they look like the hot twins you want to see every time you open your Instagram app.

4. Janelle Marie Lloyd of WaitYouNeedThis.com – @waityouneedthis

NYC based and style obsessed, Janelle is a girl with the perfect bronze skin tone and the perfect style – according to many of her followers. Her clothing always seems to be urban and on-point, and she is an inspiration to many potential fashion bloggers as well.

The interesting name of Janelle’s blog is another thing people like – and something they check out on a daily basis for the latest dose of fashion picks, styles, makeup, accessories and more.

5. Evangelie Smyrniotaki of StyleHeroine.com – @styleheroine

Being a ‘style heroine’ is a role that comes with dignity. Luckily, Evangelie knows how to defend it well. When she is not sitting in pools in tropical destinations across the world, you can see her around runways and fashion weeks. Her style is elegant and preppy with a dose of hip as well.

6. Jennifer Grace of NativeFox.com – @thenativefox

If Lady Gaga was a fashion blogger, this is how she would probably look. Jennifer Grace is the name of another NEXT Management icon who seems to like the extravagance and controversy of fashion nowadays. Smoking cigarettes, appearing half-naked and wearing snake-textured one suits is what makes her followers hit like on every of her Instagram posts, according to her profile.

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i'll be your eva #1996

A post shared by Jennifer Grace (@thenativefox) on

7. Sylvia Haghjoo of Hug-You.com – @sylviahaghjoo

If you are looking for a dose of vintage, style-inspired photos, this is one of the Instagram blogs to follow. Sylvia is a creative mind who likes posting pictures from ordinary situations as well as running a diary on her blog (hug-you.com). Even though some of her photos are too simple, they serve as an inspiration to many people out there.

8. Yoyo Cao of YoyoKulala.com – @yoyokulala

Yoyo loves patterns – it is clear to see that from her Instagram feed. She also loves accessories and glamour fashion, which means that she is into elegant looks for every occasion. Unlike the hip Instagram blogs out there, she is all about elegance – best documented on her blog during runways, fashion weeks or brand editorials.

9. Gizele Oliveira of GizeleOnTheGo.com@gizeleoliveira

This Brazilian model knows how to make most of her beauty. It seems like everything looks great on her and her bronze-tanned skin.

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I ♥️ London #london #bigben #sunset

A post shared by Gizele Oliveira (@giizeleoliveira) on

From underwear to coats and elegant dresses, she can be seen on the runways from Paris to New York. And that doesn’t stop her from running her blog and having close to half a million followers.

10. Aleali May of AlealiMay.com – @alealimay

If sweatpants combined with a coat aren’t your thing, let Aleali May convince you that you need more inspiration. This model and blogger knows how to combine stuff and look good on every occasion – even if she is wearing only sweatpants with a T-shirt. The colorful editions make her iconic and irresistible to her followers.

11. Charlotte Groeneveld of TheFashionGuitar.com – @thefashionguitar

Charlotte may seem like the ordinary girl, but her style is extraordinary. As a mother, she is pretty busy promoting new clothes and collaborating with big names in the fashion industry.

NYC-based and obsessed with the latest fashion, Charlotte looks good and reviews fashion even better on her blog (thefashionguitar.com).

12.Julie Sarinana of SincerelyJules.com – @sincerelyjules

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In the middle of nowhere. 💛

A post shared by JULIE SARIÑANA (@sincerelyjules) on

Latin and Californian seem to be the combination that got Julia Sarinana almost 5 million followers. This fashion-obsessed Instagram influencer looks amazing in everything she wears – whether that is a fur coat or just jeans and T-shirt.

Her style is iconic, just like the pictures of architecture or landscape she combines it with. For that, she is one of the most-followed Instagram fashion bloggers out there.

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Sunday plans: No plans. ☁️

A post shared by JULIE SARIÑANA (@sincerelyjules) on

A Final Word

Now that you know which fashion blogs you should follow on Instagram the next time you log in, it is safe to say that each of our reviewed brands and influencers are known in the industry for their style, uniqueness and the way they document their stories.

So, whether you are a brand looking for more exposure to shoppers on Instagram – or a fan who is obsessed with fashion, these are some of the very best picks we have rounded up to fuel your craze for fashion.

The good thing is that Instagram has tons of different bloggers and brands – making it hard ever to get enough of fashion!

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