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13 Ways To Quickly & Predictably Get Thousands Of Engaged YouTube Subscribers


Get More Engaged YouTube Subscribers Through Strategic Decisions

Whether you own a small business, represent a brand, or want to monetize your YouTube channel as an influencer, you’ll need subscribers who actually watch your videos and engage with your account regularly.

Getting more engaged YouTube subscribers isn’t a guessing game. If you make great content and follow this simple advice, you’ll see your engagement and subscriber list skyrocket in no time.

So, here are 13 ways to get thousands of YouTube subscribers.

Just Ask Viewers to Subscribe

This one might seem self-explanatory, but you can seriously just ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Mentioning that big red button (or the little bell that turns on notifications) will help you convert viewers into subscribers. Isnt’s that easy?

As a general rule, only ask once per video and do it at the optimal time. It might be at the end of the video or right in the middle after you give your audience a juicy piece of advice or make them laugh. Remember, if you can sell your channel well, your pitch for a subscription will be more successful.

Engage with Your Audience

Sometimes, being the first one to start the conversation can be awkward, but if you need subscribers, viewers, and comments, it’s the best way to boost engagement on your YouTube videos.

When people see you as a human being they can connect with (and not just some YouTuber), they’ll be more likely to comment, like, share, and subscribe. Communication is essential to get engaged youtube subscribers.

Your audience can give you a community of other creators who support and promote each other, and they’ll often give you free ideas for content creation. So, while building your audience is important, engaging with your audience is crucial for success.

Build Anticipation for New Videos

Instead of asking people to subscribe (or when you ask them), you can create anticipation for new content to get engaged youtube subscribers. At the end of every video, mention the video that you’re working on or going to publish next.

If you can foster excitement in your audience by telling them why they don’t want to miss your next video, you’ll naturally encourage them to subscribe.

13 Ways To Quickly & Predictably Get Thousands Of Engaged YouTube Subscribers

Work with The YouTube Algorithm

While your first and foremost concern should be catering to your audience, you also want to cater to the YouTube algorithm.

The algorithm has a lot of influence that you can leverage to your advantage. After all, 81% of YouTube users in America regularly watch videos suggested by the YouTube algorithm.

Unlike other online platforms like Instagram, YouTube is fairly secretive when it comes to how its algorithm ranks videos. In 2012, YouTube saw a significant shift in how videos are ranked, and the minds behind YouTube decided to simply tell creators to focus on making videos people want to watch—not fussing over data like watch time, retention rates, and clicks.

Nevertheless, knowing what you can about the algorithm will help you create great content that your audience and YouTube’s software both enjoy.

Use Keywords in Your Video Description and Title

As with any search algorithm, you can be sure that keywords are a major player. So, be sure to utilize the written space in your title and description by adding relevant and popular search terms.

Don’t keyword stuff—that will have a negative effect than the one you want.

Instead, write a creative, lengthy, and detailed description of your video that utilizes keywords naturally.

Stay Away from Borderline Content

Any content that YouTube deems harmful or misleading (but doesn’t outright violate community guidelines) is known as borderline content. In 2019, YouTube cracked down, pushing an algorithm update that resulted in 70% less watch time for borderline content.

The update also demonetizes borderline content in an attempt to protect brands from supporting creators that don’t align with their values.

So, if you want to work with the algorithm to get engaged subscribers, avoid posting about controversial or misleading topics like conspiracy theories.

If you’re starting from scratch, just getting those first thousand followers can feel like an impossible uphill battle. If you want to get more viewers and subscribers quickly, you can use services like Managergram to get more views.

While buying YouTube subscribers isn’t sustainable for the long term, it can kick off your view and subscription rates to get you off the ground.

Create Original Content To Get Engaged Youtube Subscribers

Creating original content does two things. First, it piques your audience’s interest. They will be more engaged in something they’ve never seen before. Second, it allows you to dominate a space on the internet with no competition.

While this might result in some pretty out-there content, it will bring in subscribers and create engagement.

13 Ways To Quickly & Predictably Get Thousands Of Engaged YouTube Subscribers

Take Advantage of YouTube’s End Screen Feature

At the end of all your YouTube videos, you can (and should) add an end screen. The last 5-20 seconds of your video is a great place to ask your viewers to do something (this is a call to action). Mostly, engaged youtube subscribers come organically due to the quality of your content and as much you interact with them.

Always add an end screen that pushes viewers to subscribe, engage, or watch another video.

Create Video Playlists

You can also encourage your audience to watch more videos, engage with your videos, and subscribe to your channel by planning your YouTube content with video playlists in mind. In order to get engaged youtube subscribers, you need to offer value to them.

Playlists also increase your channel’s watch time which improves your algorithm ranking and can get you, new viewers. You can create playlists based on series or themes in order to get engaged youtube subscribers.

Release Content Regularly

Viewers like content creators who are reliable and predictable. And when your viewers can rely on you, you can rely on your viewers. So, be sure to create a schedule of what you’ll post and when you’ll post it—and stick to it. Engaged youtube subscribers enjoy constancy.

Let your viewers know when a new video will come out ahead of time, and keep your promises!

Pull Your Audience from Other Platforms

If you have a decent following on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or another social platform, your devoted followers are likely interested in your YouTube channel. Be sure to promote your YouTube channel by linking your socials (Linktree makes that easier than ever) and mentioning it when you post on other platforms.

And if you need help gaining a following on any of those platforms, Managergram can help.

13 Ways To Quickly & Predictably Get Thousands Of Engaged YouTube Subscribers

Post Evergreen Content

While you should still be posting topical content (which is timely and will primarily see short-term engagement), evergreen content is what will keep your channel going.

Although posting your personal take on recent news or holiday specials is still a good idea.

To conclude, it’s not hard to gain subscribers who like, comment, and watch your videos—but you do need to put in the work.

With these 13 tips, you don’t need to rely on luck to gain thousands of reliable subscribers.

And if you want to jump-start your engagement and get noticed by the algorithm, consider investing in Managergram’s services.

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