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Become TikTok Famous: 6 Tips To Get Followers And Likes Now!


The internet used to offer everyday users the allure of their own ‘15 minutes of fame’ through whatever medium could get them noticed. Now free-form performance platform Tiktok is giving people just 15 seconds in the spotlight – and it’s taking the world by storm.

In just a few minutes, you can create, upload, and share one of these short video clips of you doing whatever it is that you do best and become Tiktok famous. From there, users are building their own personal brands and rapidly rising to internet stardom.

But, at the end of the day, it takes a little more than dancing in front of the camera. Take a look at some of the following tips for cultivating a following and becoming Tiktok famous!

Focus On Your Niche And Watch Out For What’s Trending

First, work out what your ‘thing’ is. Do you dance, sing, pull pranks, or crack jokes? Whatever talent is your personal specialty, finding your niche is the absolute first thing you need to do to begin your Tiktok journey.

Once you’ve worked this out, combine it with whatever’s currently trending. A good example of starting your journey to becoming Tiktok famous might be:

  • using a hot new song somehow
  • record a cover
  • create a dance to a trending song
  • remix a trending song
  • tell interesting facts about a topic, for example, travel or fashion

Use these trends to your advantage and pay attention to the data.

Analyzing data can sound like a daunting, challenging task, but so many websites out there will do the hard work to help you become Tiktok famous – all you have to do is keep up. Watch out for articles like this one, which details some important statistics marketers on Tiktok absolutely need to know.

Keep track of the current biggest trends on Tiktok at any given time and stay on top of them – as soon something starts to catch on, try to contribute as soon as possible to make sure your post gets seen.

The Importance Of High-Quality Content

Take a minute to do some planning before you switch on the camera – 15/60 seconds isn’t that long. This makes it invaluable to carefully plan your content before you post it; you’ll have to optimize what little time you do have.

These short clips are easily digestible for the younger audience, usually populating these kinds of user-friendly social media platforms. This is designed to cater to the shorter attention span shared by most of Gen Z (the dominant demographic attracted to these types of content-sharing social media platforms).

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Stay Active And Try Something New

Even if you manage to gain traction with a unique video that goes viral, you’re still going to have to put in the legwork to keep yourself on the radar. You absolutely have to remain active – to become Tiktok famous; you must post regularly with interesting and engaging content and remain in contact with your followers.

Whether they are sending compliments or criticisms your way, respond quickly and positively. But remaining active isn’t as simple as replying to comments and occasionally posting videos of you and your friends pulling pranks.

While consistent activity is vital, you also have to keep it fresh. This means branching out from whatever got you started and exploring techniques and video formats that might be outside of your comfort zone.

Try finding new twists on what you would normally do, or explore the trending challenges. Spend some time watching tutorials, reading blogs for advice, and learn how to use all of the tools Tiktok has to offer.

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Collaborate With Influencers And Crown Holders

The higher profile you become on the platform, and the quicker you gain a following, the more likely you will get noticed by influencers and Tiktok famous stars.

Obviously, it will take some time to cultivate a following and elevate yourself to a high enough level to catch the attention of crown holders, but as soon as an opportunity to work with one presents itself, take it.

Collaborating with an influencer can include producing content together and following each other, engaging with each other’s content, promoting each other, and in all other aspects being seen in partnership with each other across the entire platform.

Be Consistent And Connected

Don’t forgetconsistency is key! If you can connect all of your social media accounts, it will be so much easier for users to find one of your accounts on any of your others.

If you have a decent Instagram following but are only just getting started on Tiktok, reach out to your friends and followers on Insta to cultivate a following on your new favorite platform. Those followers can help you get into the algorithm faster since Tiktok will understand that people like your content. Then, it is important to have that first support, if possible.

You should also keep your presence consistent across all of your accounts – your personal image on one platform should match all your others, so anyone visiting your various accounts will get a coherent impression of who you are and what you do.

Take a look at this in-depth guide from TechJunkie, giving you help with every element of creating and running a successful Tiktok account. It will help you increase your fanbase with a host of simple hints.


Get Followers And Likes To Become TikTok Famous

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You can even give yourself a huge head-start by buying followers for your Tiktok account.

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You can also opt for buying likes for your Tiktok profile for dedicated client support to help you grow your account and gain popularity.

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