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How To Get Verified On Instagram In 2021


On Instagram, there are over 500 million daily active accounts. This can make it difficult for you to stand out.

Getting verified on Instagram can help solve this problem. It will help put you at the top of the search results.

It also shows the users that you are who you claim to be. This is a great way to build confidence.

Not everyone will get verified. But here are a few simple things you can do to get a blue badge.

What are the Steps to Get Verified on Instagram?

Requesting an account verification isn’t difficult. You’ll just need to follow a series of steps, these are;

  1. Go to your Instagram profile
  2. Navigate to the menu. The hamburger icon is in the top right of the screen.
  3. Select accounts in the bottom right
  4. Select the Account option
  5. Click on the Request Verification option. This will be at the bottom of the screen
  6. A form will appear, you’ll need to fill it out
  7. You’ll need to attach a copy of your Photo ID. There are a few types of IDs you can use. You can use a driver’s license or a passport photo.
  8. Use your phone camera to take a picture of your ID
  9. Check that you’ve filled out the form correctly.
  10. When you’re happy submit the form.

It might be a few weeks before you know whether or not you have been approved.

While anyone can request verification, not everyone will get approved. We’ll look at some of the tips you can use to give yourself the best chance of getting verified on Instagram.

Follow the Rules

One of the first things that the Instagram verification team will look at is your content. If you aren’t following the rules of the site, they won’t give you a blue badge.

Worse, you could be bringing attention to an account that they might otherwise have unseen. This risks getting your page shut down.

Here are a few of the most important rules to remember:

  • Make sure you own the content you are posting.
  • Check that the images are appropriate. Instagram doesn’t allow nudity.
  • They don’t allow spam content.
  • There are strict rules around bullying and hate speech. They also don’t allow any graphic content.

Have a Real Account

The next qualifying factor is that the account needs to belong to a real person. You won’t be able to get verified on an account that posts tributes or parodies.

Instagram protocols state that the account needs to be unique to you. This means that you will only have one Instagram account.

How To Get Verified On Instagram In 2021

You will need to be Notable

You might be getting good traction on Instagram. Often, you will be considering verification if you have a lot of followers or activity on your account.

But that might not be enough for Instagram. They require you to be a notable person before they’ll verify the account.

This means that you will have to be well-known amongst the general public before they consider verification.

How Does Instagram Decide What Accounts are Notable?

This is one of the vaguest verification requirements. But there are a few methods that they can use to figure out who’s notable and who’s not. These include:

  • Media articles were written about the account. This doesn’t any promotional articles that you paid for.
  • Whether or not you are getting searched for.
  • Whether you have an established brand. This might include a website or brand.
  • How many followers do you have
  • What comes up during a Google search
  • Whether false accounts are pretending to be you

Instagram will look at other social media platforms to see how popular you are. You might want to focus your attention on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

Managergram offers services to help you with this. We’ll be able to boost engagement across your social media networks.

By doing this, you’ll be getting more views, likes, and comments. This is a great way to speed up growth and get popular quickly.

How To Get Verified On Instagram In 2021

The Profile Needs to be Complete

Before you can get verified on Instagram, you’ll need to make sure that the profile has been completed properly. Check that you have filled out every field.

This means that you’ll need to have a bio and a profile picture. You’ll also need to have at least one picture.

Use Hashtags to Make Yourself More Visible

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of some of the requirements you’ll need to meet before you can get verified on Instagram. Now we can turn our attention to some of the ways you can increase your odds of getting a blue badge.

As we mentioned, one of the biggest things that determine whether you’ll get approved is how notable you are. One of the best ways to do this is using hashtags to promote your account.

You’ll want to take note of the most popular trends. Then, you’ll want to add a photo to get involved with this hashtag. TagBlender is a free way to see what hashtags are the most popular.

If you can get involved with a popular hashtag, you might see a sudden influx in the number of people visiting your profile.

However, you must be only chasing hashtags that are relevant to your niche.

Another option is to start your own hashtag. You can then encourage your community to use it. This shows Instagram that you have a strong following.

Does the Number of Followers You Have Impact Whether You Get Verified on Instagram?

Some users have been verified with 16K followers. However, these are the exception, not the rule.

Because there are so many accounts, Instagram pays the most attention to the accounts that have the most followers.

Put simply, the bigger your account, the easier it will be for you to become verified on Instagram.

How Can You Get More Followers?

Whether someone follows your page will often depend on whether you have formed an emotional connection.

This comes down to the content that you are posting. Over time, you’ll get used to what people like and what they don’t.

Getting those first few followers, though, can be a major challenge. Thankfully, Managergram can help you grow your account quickly.

We can deliver real followers.  Depending on what plan you select, you can over 10,000 real followers per month.

We can also help boost engagement on your account. We do this by giving you views and likes on your videos.

By doing this, you’ll be able to help grow your account faster. This is sure to get Instagram’s interest and improve your odds of getting verified.

Another helpful tip is posting consistently. Try to post at least two or three times a week.

Aim to post at times where people will be more active on the site. This tends to be at night when the working day is over.

In Conclusion

Getting verified on Instagram is an important step. It helps your fans find your official account, rather than a fan page.

It can also establish trust, making it easier to form a relationship with your audience.

But there are a few rules that you’ll need to follow if you want to get verified on Instagram.

Instagram will judge your popularity, to see if you are notable enough for a blue badge. Because of this, you’ll need to mass a lot of followers and a loyal fan base.

Hopefully, these tips will make Instagram verification a lot easier.

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