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8 Critical Tips to Grow Your Business on Facebook: Is Your Business Growing Fast Enough?


Do you want to grow your business on Facebook? If you care about increasing your reach, targeting the right audience, and making more money, then the answer should be yes.

Growing your small business on Facebook isn’t an extremely difficult task, but it can be made easier with the right guidance. So, use these 8 critical tips for gaining more followers, and thank us later. 


Create a Business Page with a Custom Welcome Message

To create a Facebook business page, you need to set up a Facebook profile first. Once you have a profile, here’s how to set up a Facebook page for your small business.

Once you’ve got the basics down (like your address, description, profile picture, and cover photo), you can begin to flesh out your page with a portfolio of your work. But before we move on to posts, you should develop a custom Facebook welcome page.

You can create a custom welcome message on Facebook with online apps like Pagemodo. Your welcome page will direct viewers where you want them, whether that’s your:

  • Facebook photo albums
  • business website
  • a list of your services, products, or menus
  • contact information

Instead of making your followers search for relevant information, you can guide them to it with a great Facebook welcome page on your business page.

8 Critical Tips to Grow Your Business on Facebook: Is Your Business Growing Fast Enough?


Post High-Quality Content Regularly

We all know that posting regularly on social media is essential for success. Posting frequently is a great way to direct traffic to your Facebook page—but it does much more than that.

Posting regularly also shows people that your business is active on Facebook (and active in real life, too). You help build a reliable brand image and instill confidence in your followers that it’s safe to purchase from your business.

Set up a posting schedule and aim for at least one post a day if you can manage it.

A quiet Facebook page is a red flag that a business may be shut down, unreliable, or even fake. Don’t push potential customers away with an unprofessional Facebook page.

Now, when we say high quality, there is no perfect formula. You want content that your followers will relate to and be interested in. And that’s different for every business.

If you want some insights into what your followers want to see, then take advantage of Facebook’s free service.

8 Critical Tips to Grow Your Business on Facebook: Is Your Business Growing Fast Enough?


Start a Facebook Group and Post in Groups

Facebook Groups are great places to connect with customers, brand ambassadors, and even new business partners. To make the most out of this Facebook feature, you should post in Groups and create your own group.

When posting in Facebook groups, make sure that you’re posting as your Facebook business page and not as your Facebook profile.

When it comes to creating your own group, the basics are easy. The hard part is choosing what theme or topic will bring people together and getting people to join your group.

So, be sure to pick something creative in your niche and give users a reason to be there.

8 Critical Tips to Grow Your Business on Facebook: Is Your Business Growing Fast Enough?


Engage with Your Followers

Social media isn’t a one-way street. It’s all about engagement, and if you want your followers to interact with you, you can’t be afraid to start the conversation.

So, use techniques to get your followers interested:

  • Ask questions on posts to generate comments
  • Like and respond to your followers’ comments
  • Tell your followers to leave a comment
  • Host giveaway competitions where engagement is required to win
  • Ask followers to send you direct messages

When you think of being involved on your Facebook business page, it should be about much more than just crafting interesting posts. You also need to join the conversation.

Engaging with your Facebook followers is a great way to connect with and retain your current customers, but it will also work to promote your page to potential customers. Pages with more engagement are favored in the Facebook algorithm.

8 Critical Tips to Grow Your Business on Facebook: Is Your Business Growing Fast Enough?


Use Facebook Features Like Stories, Videos, and Lives

If you really want to grow your business on Facebook, then you should be using every tool available to you.

Facebook has plenty of useful features for you to get your name out there, so use them!

Get familiar with unique features like:

These Facebook video features are a great way to engage with your audience and captivate their attention. Post interesting videos that showcase why your business is better than the competition.

Facebook Live Videos are a great way to connect with people in real-time, and anyone who misses it can watch it later. This is a great way to showcase new products, provide demonstrations, or give people sneak peeks into special events.

8 Critical Tips to Grow Your Business on Facebook: Is Your Business Growing Fast Enough?


Try Facebook Ads

If you haven’t heard the memo, Facebook for Business is now linked with Facebook’s other social media companies, which include Messenger, WhatsApp, Quest, and Instagram. Known as Meta for Business, this new all-in-one platform is where you can create and manage Facebook Ads.

If you’ve been trying for months to gain exposure and nothing has seemed to work, then Facebook ads may be the salvation you need.


Boost Your Content with Managergram’s Help

It’s no secret that Facebook Ads cost money. And depending on which packages you choose, you might need to dig pretty deep into your pockets.

If you’d prefer a more affordable service to promote your Facebook business page, then you may want to consider hiring Managergram to boost your account.

We offer a range of services, including custom packages for automatic Facebook likes on any and all of your posts and discounted bulk packages for a set number of Facebook likes on your business page.

Purchasing Facebook likes can get you noticed by the algorithm and discovered by potential customers. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to learn more about Managergram here.


Create a Content Management Plan

All these tips are great, but they work best when they’re a part of a larger plan for growth.

Planning your Facebook growth is all about setting realistic goals within a manageable time frame and following through on the work that needs to be done.

Develop a content calendar, establish a budget, and track your progress if you truly want to see big results in the coming months.


Final Thoughts: How to Grow Your Business on Facebook

Growing your business on Facebook will take a lot of time and effort. Still, a helping hand through Facebook Ads or Managergram’s social media promotion packages can make a world of difference. 

However, if you don’t want to spend money just yet, consider this advice for boosting your business’s presence on Facebook:

  • Add a welcome page with a call to action
  • Post great content on a regular basis
  • Create your own Facebook Group
  • Post in Facebook Groups within your niche
  • Actively engage with followers by starting conversations
  • Post videos on Facebook on your page, Facebook Stories, and Facebook Lives


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