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10 IGTV Ideas To Grow Your Instagram And Promote Your Brand


Whatever you do on this God’s green Earth, one thing is for sure – if you wish to grow your business, you need social networks. And if you want it to skyrocket, you need to grow your Instagram. 

Instagram is THE platform to grow your sales and grow your brand awareness, as well as stay relevant. Moreover, it’s a social network beautifully designed to help you create a cornerstone of any successful business today – a loyal community. 


Grow your Instagram to grow your business

Brands of the 21st century need a solid social presence to drive profitable traffic to their landing pages and build engagement. Since Instagram introduced IGTV in 2018, this has been easier and more fun to do than ever before. 

And you want to use this neat feature too. You won’t even have to think about it once you hear incredible numbers behind this glorious app.


Why is IGTV a true gold mine?

For example, since Instagram’s launch in 2010, the rise of its users has exploded. Today, more than a billion people actively use the app daily, placing it in the top 4 social networks globally.

Instagram truly is a gold mine if you know how to use it. If not, no worries. At Managergram, we are specialized in social networks and also collected all the tips and tricks to share with you.

The truth is, you will want to gather all knowledge there is about the platform Facebook lightly paid one billion dollars in cash and stock for only two years after its launch. After all, Instagram is unique not only because it connects. It’s also an app for discovery and inspiration based on emotion. 

So, if you want to connect and create a community of loyal customers, you will want to learn how to make the best of the app that offers so much. But, if you’re still not convinced, just look at these numbers: 


What is IGTV, and what makes it unique?

IGTV is a feature, part of the Instagram network designed to create longer videos in vertical mode to better cater to the users. Since we’re typically holding our phones in the upright position, it’s only logical to watch video content in the same way. 

Basically, with IGTV, you can make full-portrait vertical videos and create your own IGTV series. You should use it since it gives you incredible opportunities to: 

  • Build engagement
  • Raise your brand awareness
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Make your Instagram marketing strategies skyrocket.

That said, you should be aware that IGTV has its own set of rules and recommendations to follow to make the best of it. So, if you’re already stressing about what kind of videos to do for your channel, please don’t. 

But, before we immerse you in the beautiful world of IGTV opportunities, you need to be aware of some critical IGTV “laws.” 

  • Always shoot your videos in vertical mode. 
  • Your IGTV videos don’t have to look ultra pro. All they need to be really is engaging. That’s where we come in. 
  • To attract more followers on Instagram, play with various types of content.
  • Keep your IGTV videos short and sweet, under five minutes.
  • Make your videos appealing by making sure your colors and captions match.
  • Whatever you do, get to your point quickly. 


The most effective IGTV ideas to grow your Instagram and promote your brand

So, now that we’ve shared the golden rules and tricks, it’s time to show you a collection of IGTV video content ideas!


Introduce yourself and your brand on IGTV

If you still haven’t used IGTV and wish to get the ball rolling, a video introduction is a way to do it. IGTV gives you many opportunities to experiment and create unique introductory content. 

This is a sure-fire way to attract new followers and grow your Instagram community, as well as boost engagement. Make sure to properly introduce your brand and services by adding some exciting and fun trivia. 


Make it fun with behind-the-scenes IGTV videos

Behind the scenes footage is one of the best ways to show your world from a different angle. And as far as we know, it pays off. 

Audiences on Instagram typically like to see raw and unfiltered content. So, if you make an effort to involve them in how you do things, they will receive it very well. 

So, go ahead and do that office tour. Or better yet, encourage your team to take some random footage of your daily grind to have in your behind-the-scenes collection for when you need an IGTV idea to post. 

Here are some other things your followers might enjoy seeing up close: 

  • Fun team activities
  • Introducing your team members in a fun setting
  • Company outings
  • Streaming events
  • Talk shows about your brand (use those influencers!)

10 IGTV Ideas To Grow Your Instagram And Promote Your Brand

Product demos and unboxing are IGTV star-content

Informational content is simply invaluable on Instagram, so you can never go wrong with product demos or tutorials to teach your followers all there is to know about your brand or service. Make your IGTV a well-spring of helpful content for your customers since it’s one of the best ways to build credibility. 

IGTV is incredibly useful for showcasing your products on the platform, whether you’re launching a new one or simply building awareness about your existing products. Just make sure you keep it engaging to keep your followers watching.

Unboxing is one of the best there is for that. Moreover, it is undoubtedly oddly satisfying to watch for most of us, so use that exciting part of human nature. 

10 IGTV Ideas To Grow Your Instagram And Promote Your Brand


IGTV tutorials and instructions

IGTV is a fantastic platform to share educational content, such as your brand’s mission and product origin. Instructions, recipes, how-to videos… you name it. 

Suppose you have a fitness brand. Then, you can easily create a series of workout tutorials, healthy diet recipes, after-workout routines, and advice. 

Pro tip: If you’re posting excellent content, kudos to you! However, make sure it’s engaging. So, get to know your target audience. 

10 IGTV Ideas To Grow Your Instagram And Promote Your Brand


IGTV is a fantastic platform for quick tips and listicles

Unfortunately, people’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. That’s why listicles and short-form tips are the best way to transform your education blog content into great IGTV video content. Also, humans just love listicles.

Why not use your industry knowledge as your core content strategy? With a bit of googling and effort, you can learn to create incredible listicle-type videos where you will share valuable tips and tricks of your trade.

10 IGTV Ideas To Grow Your Instagram And Promote Your Brand


IGTV is the best stage for product reviews

Why not show your customers the works of what they will potentially purchase? There is no better way to get your point across than directly showing your product or service in action.

Once you make an effort to help your followers visualize how it would be like to have this product, they will see it as more valuable. After all, that is precisely why TV commercials are still the most expensive marketing strategy there is.

Showcasing why your product is worth their money is like creating an imprint on your followers. So, use IGTV to show them how your brand can benefit their lives.

10 IGTV Ideas To Grow Your Instagram And Promote Your Brand


IGTV is made for FAQ and Q&A

FAQ and Q & A’s, alongside question boxes in Stories, are something you should undoubtedly use as your IGTV content. People always have questions, so allow them to get familiar with who they follow. 

Humans have the need to communicate and engage. IGTV is an excellent tool to give insight into your brand and build the trust needed to create a loyal customer community. 

So, go ahead and let your followers see your or your brand and answer any questions they might have. It is so much more than a regular FAQ; you’re giving them a bit of yourself alongside your knowledge.

A nice Q & A session is a fantastic way to connect with people and allow them to find out any detail they wish to know. This is what you need to humanize your brand and ultimately sell your products.

Pro tip: Try using a Question sticker in Stories to encourage followers to ask questions, which you will later answer in an IGTV episode.


Customer testimonials are a gold mine

Seeing real people talk about your brand will undoubtedly attract more followers since there is nothing more persuasive than hearing those testimonials. So, if you’re getting the love for your brand, cherish it – and share it!

Client testimonials will get you a long way regarding your business success. However, make sure you don’t flaunt it or make it flashy, but subtly form it to leave an excellent impression on your followers. Also, make sure to not overdo it.

Customer review good rating concept, people use smartphone with five star icon, positive costume


Showcase your featured content on IGTV

Your hero content typically involves essential news and announcements, product launches, and brand milestones. IGTV is an excellent place to showcase such featured content; just make sure you refine it for the platform requirements beforehand.


IGTV is a fantastic teaser and preview platform

Make it look exciting! For example, if you’re doing a podcast, IGTV is an excellent platform to promote it. Creating a short video teaser is a piece of cake nowadays, so why not urge your followers to sneak a peek through a nice preview? 


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The Bottom Line

We at Managegram are delighted if we helped you make up with some ideas of your own to create a superb IGTV platform and share your inspiration with others. Hopefully, you’ll be having much fun using this incredible platform and all its potentials. Just remember, there is no recipe set in stone. You live and learn in your own unique voice and tone. Good luck!

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