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Having a large following in Instagram can mean more sales for your business, more views and a stronger community for your brand. You may have wondered how some people have thousands of followers. Today, we bring 11 tips to help you increase followers on Instagram.

How to Increase Followers On Instagram

Like photos in your niche

I attended an online conference where Susan Petersen (CEO of Freshly Picked) talked about how she grew her Instagram to have nearly 400,000 followers. She said that in the early days she took pictures of other people every night. Your suggestion?

Start liking 5-10 photos in someone’s account. It would also help if you left a genuine comment and started following them. This leaves your name in evidence and allows other users to discover you.

I would also advise doing this primarily with users in your niche. How to find them? Check for hashtags or see the followers of your favorite Instagrammers. In general, be authentic – no one has time to spam.

Create a theme for your photos

Nice! Now that you’ve followed tip 1, you already know that people will naturally start noticing your name and may come to verify your account.

So give them something to fall in love with. I have found that this helps to create a theme for your Instagram like Wonderforest, for example…

Write some words that you want people to associate with your account. Which ones would you use? Once you establish a direction, try as much as possible to follow it. Studio DIY is another good example of a profile using a theme.


It’s called social media for a reason. Respond to comments you receive and leave comments on others’ profile.

Instead of something superficial, try to leave genuine comments that encourage them to post more pictures.

It’s a hard work, and you’ll spend some time to respond to comments on your posts, but “hey,” you got to put in the work, just like Gary Vee (@garyvee) says…and “yes,” he responds to his comments and DMs, even having more than 2 million followers.

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My favorite pillar in "getting it"

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Create hashtag and encourage others to use them

This is an excellent way to create a community and gain new content for your account. First of all, create a unique hashtag (make sure it’s gone!) And ask others to use it. It works best if the hashtag has a specific purpose. For example, A Beautiful Mess encourages followers to use #ABMLifeIsColorful in all their colorful and happy photos.

Once people start using your hashtag (do not forget to use it too!), You can refill photos of your followers (giving them due to credit, of course!) This not only creates a community by showing your followers that you Appreciate your photos but also brings content to your account.

Make a draw

If you have something you would like to give, try to make a draw. Some ideas? Have users reposition a specific image and mark it in the legend. Or ask them to use their hashtag in their pictures. You can even try a giveaway loop if you want to collaborate with other Instagrammers.

* Loop giveaway – a group of bloggers who pool money to offer a prize. The instruction is given in the caption of the photo and usually consists of enjoying/following each person marked in the photo, send to a friend

Ask your followers to follow you on Instagram

If you have a blog, Twitter or Facebook, you can assume that people are already following you on all platforms. Warning: They probably are not! Share a brief tweet by encouraging them to follow you on Instagram … this will generate more followers than you think.

Encourage your Instagram followers to take action

Simple as it may seem, people are more likely to do something if you ask them to. Want them to share a quote? What do they like your photo?

Let them share something funny or related. So ask! If you pitch the idea, it will encourage your Instagram followers to take action and act accordingly.

Mark the location of your photos

Are you going to post a picture of that nice restaurant or city you visited recently?

Mark the location just like Robin Schulz (@robin_schulz) does for every show picture he posts!

That way, other people who used the same location can see your photo and potentially follow you, since you now have something in common.

Figure out what your audience likes

Do a brief search. Review your photos and see which ones have had the most tastings and comments – and of course, those that have had less. What suits your target audience and why? How can you incorporate more photos like this into your feed? Invest time in identifying the strengths and weaknesses. It can yield incredible results and leverage, even more, your followers on Instagram.

Link your Instagram account with other networks

Similar to Tip 6, this will help your followers from other social networks discover your Instagram account and start following you there too!

We do not want them to lose a single detail, do they?

Address popular users to collaborate

Think out of the box! Ask other Instagrammer if you can “take over” for a day as a guest contributor. Or start a challenge. Ultimately think of fun and creative ways to collaborate with other users.

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