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How To Easily Get In The Instagram Explore Page All Day Every Day


If you run an Instagram account for a small business, being featured on the Instagram Explore Page means you’ve reached social media marketing success—and you can expect your business to grow in turn with your Instagram account.


What is the Instagram Explore Page?

You’re probably familiar with the Instagram home feed, which displays posts from the accounts you currently follow on Instagram.

The Instagram feed displays the content Instagram knows you want to see, including content with hashtags you follow and suggestions to view accounts similar to the ones you already follow.

On the other hand, the Instagram Explore Page (Officially known as the Search and Explore Page) displays posts Instagram thinks you might like.

These carefully curated posts are always something you haven’t seen before—which means your business should capitalize on the opportunity for exposure through the explore feature.

Now the only question remains: how do you get your account featured on the Instagram Explore Page?

Luckily, we’ve got the answers.

How To Easily Get In The Instagram Explore Page All Day Every Day


1. Know-How the Instagram Algorithm Works

As with any social media platform, Instagram uses a unique algorithm to rank content individually for each account.

The algorithm’s job is to show people content they’ll actually be interested in, so knowing how to hack the Instagram algorithm is your key to reaching the right audience.

Here’s what you need to know and do.

Use relevant keywords to reach users in your niche.

The algorithm categorizes posts based on the words connected to that post. That includes things like:

  • captions
  • hashtags
  • location tags
  • account tags
  • comments

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Information about the content creator (aka you) also tells the algorithm whether your content is worth featuring.

The information the algorithm looks at most includes:

  • how often you post (frequent and consistent is best)
  • the type of content you post (relevant niche content is best)
  • how many followers you have (more is better)
  • how much engagement your posts usually receive (more is better)

Instagram wants more activity on its platform, so it boosts accounts that are more likely to have more engagement.

So, now that you’re equipped with this essential information about how the Instagram Explore Page works, here’s the essential advice you need to get your business featured on this popular social media page.


2. Write Detailed Captions with Relevant Keywords and Hashtags

A caption made of only emojis is cute, but it’s not practical if you want to get your account featured on the Instagram Explore Page.

Make the algorithm’s job easy by using relevant hashtags and identifiable words related to your post and your audience.

How To Easily Get In The Instagram Explore Page All Day Every Day


3. Mimic Popular Accounts in Your Niche

Instagram ranks posts on the Instagram explore page according to which accounts are similar to the ones a user has engaged with in the past.

So, a great technique is to mimic accounts that get engagement from users you want to convert to followers.

Now, we’re not suggesting you rip off these accounts by stealing content. Rather, use them for inspiration. Do they run contents? What type of content do they post? How do they encourage users to interact?

These questions can help you form a social media marketing strategy that gets your business account featured on the Instagram explore page all day, every day.


4. Engage with Users Who Don’t Already Follow You

The Instagram algorithm prioritizes posts from accounts that have engaged in the past. So, you can increase your chances of making it to the explore page dramatically just by engaging with users.

To increase engagement, set aside time every day to:

  • comment on posts (including your own and other users’)
  • reply to comment threads
  • share other people’s content in your stories and posts
  • include a call to action at the end of every caption
  • post informational or inspirational content users are more likely to save or share

How To Easily Get In The Instagram Explore Page All Day Every Day


5. Use a Clearly Defined Niche to Develop a Content Strategy 

Instead of posting various types of content, you want to stick to a single niche.

For example, let’s say you have one Instagram account. This is where you post all your personal content. But you’re also an established tattoo artist.

Instead of posting tattoo content only on your personal account, you should open a business account dedicated to professional tattooing. This will ensure all your other content works in favor of featuring a single post on the Instagram explore page.


6. Get More Likes by Posting on Time

Posting “on time” is relative to each Instagram account.

However, every account can increase their chances of being featured on the Instagram explore page by posting at optimal times to increase the number of likes they get on each and every post.

Check your Instagram Insights to view metrics like when your followers are the most active. This is a free feature included with all business accounts.


7. Only Post High-Quality Content

This one should go without saying. Not all posts are created the same.

Better content means more engagement, a better seat in the algorithm, and a greater chance of being featured on the Instagram explore page. 

Consider creative ways to captivate your audience’s attention, whether that’s:

  • telling a story in the caption
  • posting video content or animated graphics
  • sharing high-quality photos
  • providing informative content
  • creating longer posts with more content

Again, use Instagram Insights to learn about which of your posts are the most successful and experiment with the best ways to generate more engagement.


8. Take Advantage of Instagram’s Other Features

If you’re featured in IGTV or Instagram Reels, your posts are more likely to appear on the Instagram explore page. So, don’t discount the effectiveness of these special features because they’re capable of bringing your business account into the spotlight.

How To Easily Get In The Instagram Explore Page All Day Every Day


9. Explore Your Own Explore Page

Your business account is a great example of an account in your niche. You interact with and follow similar accounts (at least, that’s what you should be doing), and your Instagram explore page is a good place to gather information about what works.

So, look at the content on your explore page. Then, try to replicate it with your own unique twist.


10. Invest in Instagram Success

Although it’s not the cheapest option, it is the easiest. You can pay to be featured on the Instagram explore page (sort of) by running ads.

You won’t be featured directly on the explore page. But, once a user clicks on a post and starts scrolling, your content will appear “naturally.”

You can also work with a professional promotion company like Managergram to generate organic engagement on Instagram. We offer various Instagram Growth packages to fit any budget, including the opportunity to buy Instagram followers.


Final Thoughts: Get Featured on Instagram Explore Page

There’s no secret recipe to getting featured on the Instagram explore page—you can’t even buy ads to get you all the way up there.

But you can use specialized services for small businesses to boost their growth naturally. And, you can follow our expert advice for growing your Instagram account in a way that makes it look appealing to the Instagram algorithm.

When developing a content strategy, be sure to reference the guidelines in this article. Because being featured on the Instagram Explore Page can boost your account tremendously.

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