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Are you wondering what’s the next big thing on Instagram after last year’s trends – or what is it going to look like?

Well, you are not the only one.

As one of the fastest growing social networks out there, Instagram is bringing a lot of novelties. A few days ago, a photo of an egg was liked the most times in irony, beating the most liked photo of another influencer and ramping up more than 15 million likes.

All of these viral concepts prove that Instagram is the new playground for individuals and businesses. As we stepped in 2019, many are asking what are the new Instagram trends that they can embrace and wow their followers while making their competition jealous.

Last year, a lot of predictions turned to reality. From the shoppable posts which went big up to the bots disappearing (thanks to the developers out there), Instagram has been working hard to shape up a new market for Ads and make use of all features (including Stories) in a great way.

To help you out and preview what’s in store in 2019 on Instagram, we are listing the best trends that are currently embraced by many.

1. AR Instagram Stories Filters

If you remember the days when Pokemon Go was popular on Instagram, you probably know that the mobile game used artificial reality (AR) technology which offered an interactive experience of a real-world environment with the use of “augmented” objects.

If you haven’t seen these AR stories, here is a sneak peek.

Stories Filters

Right now, celebrities like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Will Smith are launching their own AR face filters which you can only unlock if you follow the celebrities on Instagram. If you are an agency or a brand, you can also apply to become one of the first AR filter adaptors.

The trend is literally everywhere on Stories despite that it’s currently in closed beta. However, it will likely emerge in the short future.

2. Focus On Your Bio

The biography is the only place where you can put a link and lead your followers to a website. As such, it definitely deserves attention. You can use the Stories Highlights to also drive your followers to your website.


The bio is seen on your Instagram profile. It is where you share who you are, what you do and why people should follow you. Needless to say, it is among the most important aspects of your Instagram strategy optimization and should not be overlooked.

Instagram BioWhat’s interesting is that as of recently, Instagram announced an option to test the different ways of presenting user profiles on its website. With this, you can not only improve the user experience (UX) but also encourage more followers to click on that Contact button or visit your website.

3. Taking Influencers On Vacation

In 2019, you have to work harder than only getting a few influencers to publish your content or promote your brand. Some brands have gone so far to taking their influencers on vacation and letting them try their products while they are there.

For example, bikini brands are taking famous models to vacations where they get to wear their collections, have fun and obviously, snap as many pics as possible. Another example is Revolve, which is a brand that selected a dozen of Ivy League Instagram followers and took them to Utah on private jets. Their mission was clear – to create raw and behind-the-scenes shots that presented the brand from all the juiciest angles possible.

The end goal is more followers and more profits.

4. Vertical Video

In the past, vertical video was a feature that usually went with all the “turn your camera next time” comments.

vertical video

In 2019, vertical video has been embraced by Instagram – and it is one of the Instagram trends you should be aware of. With Stories, Live and IGTV gaining in popularity, vertical videos are in fashion not just on Instagram but also on YouTube.

For Instagram, getting better at video production can help you boost your content performance this year. Even if you are not a pro, you can start playing with apps such as InShot or Storeo and post your results on Stories.

5. IGTV Will Become Big

Instagram TV (known as IGTV) is a big new feature which suddenly popped on everyone’s screen. It was announced and launched in June as a new video platform dedicated exclusively to mobile users.

Unlike YouTube and other platforms, IGTV is meant to play vertical videos and is therefore suitable for all marketers and content producers in need of a mobile-only audience.

With this, Instagram clearly wants to encourage more people to create video content but also keep up with the latest Instagram trends and use their mobile devices in a vertical position – something that we talked about above.


Final Words

Like any list of projected Instagram trends, this is just our estimate and viewpoint.

However, you can see that there are many clear indicators that go in line with the trends and discern the focus of the best Instagram marketing campaign. The goal, obviously, is for you to keep in track with these Instagram trends, see our predictions and see how you can take advantage of them for your business.

For more similar guides with actionable tips, tricks and insights, visit our blog.

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