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How To Manage Instagram Ads To Increase Your Product Or Service Sell

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Whether you sell a product or offer a service online, running ads on Instagram can help you funnel more customers or clients to your business—and we all know that more business means more profits.

But if you want to grow your small business with a successful Instagram Ads campaign, there are a few things you need to know.

Luckily, you don’t need a marketing expert to manage Instagram Ads for you—that’s why we’re here.

We have all the essential information you need to boost your business on Instagram and a few expert tips, too!


How to Set Up a Meta Ads Manager Account

Since Facebook owns Instagram, you’ll create, launch, and manage Instagram Ads through the Facebook Ads Manager.

However, since Facebook has rebranded as Meta, the platform is now called the Meta Ads Manager.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s set up your Ads Manager account.

How To Manage Instagram Ads To Increase Your Product Or Service Sell

Create an Instagram or Facebook Account for Your Business

If you don’t already have these social media accounts for your business, what are you waiting for?

You’ll need a Facebook or Instagram account connected with your Meta Ads Manager account to run Instagram Ads, and while you don’t need an Instagram account to run ads on Instagram, you do want one. Trust us.

Once you have your Instagram business account set up, connect it to your Facebook or Meta Ads Manager account.

It’s that easy to get started.


How to Create an Instagram Ads Campaign

Once you have your Meta Ads Manager account set up and connected to your socials, it’s time to start a campaign.

Create Your First Instagram Ad

Head over to the Meta Ads Manager “Campaigns” tab and click on the green “Create” button.

If you’ve never dabbled in Instagram Ads before, Meta will automatically assist you with a “Guided Creation” that will give you a tour of the interface and help you decide which advert style is the best for your business.

We highly recommend taking the tour that will walk you through each of these steps.

Choose your marketing objectives. Are you looking for more video views, engagement, or direct messages? Is brand awareness or reach more important to you? These objectives will help Meta guide you through choosing the best ads possible. 

Give your Instagram Ads campaign a name. Ideally, you’ll have more than one Instagram Ads campaign. So, give this one an identifiable name.

Target the right audience. If this is your first Instagram Ads campaign, you’ll need to create a new target audience. Give your audience a name, and choose demographics—these can be based on your ideal customer profile. When you have different ad sets that target distinct demographics, your Instagram Ads campaign is more likely to see success.

Select placements, budgets, and schedules. Now it’s time to decide how much you’re willing to spend, when you’ll post ads, and how ads are placed. We recommend choosing “Automatic placements” and projecting your daily budget based on your monthly budget.

Give your Instagram Ad set the right name. Using relevant keywords in your ad campaign title will help you easily identify the campaign you want to manage. Avoid using vague descriptions that make it hard to distinguish one ad set from another.

Now that you have all the technical work figured out, it’s time to create your first Instagram Ad.


How to Create Instagram Ads That Drive Profits

Instagram and Meta offer tons of ways for you to promote your business on social media, and figuring out the most effective ad types for you may take some practice.

What Type of Instagram Ad is Best?

The answer to which style of Instagram is best depends on your specific goals, niche, target audience, and budget.

One thing to keep in mind is that Instagram Ads are always mobile-based. So, it’s a good practice to imagine what your ads will look like as someone scrolls on Instagram.

Carousel images (ads with multiple still images that you can scroll through) generally perform well if you’re trying to raise local awareness for your brand. Animated images like GIFs and short videos are also more likely to captivate viewers’ attention—as long as they’re done well.

You can also promote posts that already exist on your social media pages—which can save you time, energy, and money.

How To Manage Instagram Ads To Increase Your Product Or Service Sell

How to Design Instagram Ads that Work

If you want your Instagram Ads campaign to be a success, you need to advertise high-quality content.

Here’s some advice for designing Instagram ads that deliver results. 

Use colors that pop. Contrasting colors will draw viewers’ attention to your ad. Use this technique wisely. You don’t want to assault anyone’s eyes with unattractive neon colors.

Limit the amount of text in your images. Keep a lengthy copy in the caption. Any in-image text should be short, sweet, and to the point. And the font size should be large.

Keep it simple. Minimalism isn’t just a trend. When used in your ad designs, it can make your ads look refined, professional, and clickable.

Let negative space work for you. You can draw potential buyers’ eyes where you want them by using neutral white space in your ads. 

Harness your branding. Use branded colors, fonts, and styles in all of your ads. This will help your target audience remember your brand voice and image the next time they see an Instagram ad or post.

Write a compelling call to action. Embedding links in your ads with a clear call to action will help you funnel viewers into buyers.

If you want some more guidance on how to design Instagram Ads, use these Instagram Ads examples to inspire your next ad campaign.

How To Manage Instagram Ads To Increase Your Product Or Service Sell


How to Monitor Instagram Ad Performance

Meta makes managing your Instagram Ad performance easy with the Ads Manager—the same platform you use to create your ads.

Review your dashboard frequently to review what is and isn’t working. This way, you can pause campaigns that just aren’t working and redirect your budget to ads that make you money.


How to Expand Your Reach on Instagram with Managergram

If you follow this advice on creating, designing, and managing Instagram Ads, you can expect to see satisfactory conversation rates in no time.

But if you want guaranteed results fast, enlist Managergram’s professional promotion services.

Managergram can help your site thrive with guaranteed followers, and all of our services are affordable and simple to manage.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, anyone can try Managergram risk-free with plans starting as low as $5 a month


Final Thoughts: The Complete Guide to Manage Instagram Ads and Increase Profits

Managing Instagram Ads may seem daunting if you’ve never done it before, but if you follow the advice here, you’ll be an expert in no time.

The most important thing about managing Instagram Ads is doing your research. Make sure you’re targeting the right audience with eye-catching content—and monitor the results of your campaigns and posts.

Having insights into what works and what doesn’t is the key to running a successful ad campaign for your business—whether it’s on Instagram, another social media page, or somewhere else entirely. If you can discover the right tactics for your business, it will be easy to sell a product or service.

And remember, whenever you need a boost, Managergram is here to help.


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