Reddit: Here’s Everything You Need To Know!


“If Facebook is people you know sharing things you don’t care about, Reddit is things you care about shared by people you don’t know.” –Tim Squirrell

Whether you’re an influencer, brand, or niche expert, the social media platform Reddit is a haven of information, opinions, and opportunity.

In 2021, Reddit saw about 1.7 billion visits in just a month of June, and there are over 52 million daily active users on Reddit. Statistica rightfully calls Reddit a “web traffic powerhouse,” and another former nickname for Reddit was the “front page of the internet.”

Do you know what all that means?

If you’re not already on Reddit, you should be. This social media platform is unique and popular, and it can help you or your brand rise to the top. 


What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social media platform, and its model is based on discussion threads.

Those threads are categorized into subreddits, which are niche communities that discuss particular topics like r/Pokémon or address broader themes like r/science.

These subforums cover any topic you can imagine, and there are over 2.8 million subreddits to browse. Reddit’s motto is “dive into anything,” and it’s true—you can really dive into anything on Reddit.



How does Reddit work?

When you head over to Reddit, you’ll land on their front page. This page shows trending posts, from nostalgic photos to funny memes to thoughtful posts.

On Reddit, users can expect to laugh, cry, think, or argue. Redditors can discover motivation, learn something new, and contribute to discussions.


Voting on Reddit

If you look at Reddit’s front page, you’ll see that each post has a number that sits between an up arrow and a down arrow. That number is the post’s score.

Scores are determined by upvotes and downvotes. If a post receives 10,000 upvotes and 3,000 downvotes, the post’s score is 7,000.

Anything you see on Reddit’s homepage likely had tens of thousands of upvotes already and a score of at least 15k—unless it’s an ad, which we’ll get to later.

If you click on a post, like this baby fox playing with a husky in r/gifs, you can read that post’s comments.

Upvoting and downvoting work the same way on comments as it does on posts—comments with more upvotes are deemed more relevant and make their way to the top of the post for Redditors to engage with.



Subreddits: What are Subreddits?

On Reddit, every post exists within subreddits, which are forums to categorize posts. Subreddits are more than just labels, though. They also form the foundation of communities on Reddit.

Some popular subreddits include:

Anyone can create or join a community, and some brands and fans of brands contribute to branded subreddits like these:

These branded niche communities are a great place to build brand trust and get your name out there, and engaging in other subreddits can help build your account’s karma points.


What are Karma Points on Reddit?

Like posts, each user has a score on Reddit, known as karma. A user’s karma is calculated the same way as a post’s score: by adding their total upvotes and subtracting their downvotes.

Gaining karma by posting can help you build your reputation online, and it can even give you some authority when posting on Reddit



How Does the Reddit Algorithm Work?

Like any social media algorithm, Reddit’s algorithm wants to show the most relevant content. Reddit’s goal is to promote engagement, so it’s more likely to push popular content with proven engagement, whether that content is controversial, thought-provoking, or adorable.

The Reddit algorithm favors content that:

  • receives many initial reactions soon after posting
  • receives more upvotes than downvotes
  • receives more votes, regardless of their positivity or negativity
  • was posted recently

Reddit makes it easier for new content to rise to the top of the page thanks to its time decay algorithm.


How to Use Reddit to Boost Your Followers and Gain Influence

So, now that you know the basics of how Reddit works as a social media platform, let’s talk about how you can use Reddit to your advantage.

Whether you run a small business and want to increase sales or have a YouTube channel that needs a few more followers, Reddit is a powerful tool that you can and should add to your social media marketing strategy.

Here are a few tips for you if you want to use Reddit to expand your reach.


Engage Authentically with Communities

Reddit is a unique social media platform that is built entirely on a network of communities—and if you want to join those communities in a meaningful way, you’ll need to engage authentically.

To do this, you must become a Redditor yourself.

You do that by:

  • discovering subreddits you care about
  • reading conversations and joining them once you understand what’s happening
  • get to know common Reddit terms and phrases like TLDR, which means summary and is short for “too long didn’t read”
  • follow the rules and guidelines for Reddit and for the subreddits you’re a part of



Use a Pseudonym

Nearly everyone on Reddit uses a pseudonym because anonymous posting is a part of Reddit’s culture.

If you don’t believe us, consider this: the founders of Reddit use pseudonyms. So do the people who work for Reddit (the admins) and the people who manage subreddits (the moderators).

You might be thinking that you can’t possibly use a pseudonym on a branded account—and you’d be right. In this case, you should consider making a second anonymous account to engage with your branded account.


Comment and Reply to Comments

Being on Reddit isn’t just about posting. On this social media site, you need to comment if you want to engage in conversations.

Posting too much and not commenting on other posts could get you flagged as a spammer – so be sure to leave comments!


Advertise on Reddit

On any social media site, you can pay for sponsored content, and Reddit is no exception. If you want to promote your content, you can advertise on Reddit with Reddit Ads.

It’s easy to get started, and Reddit will walk you through the process!


Buy Reddit Upvotes and Followers from Managergram

Whether you’re using Reddit for the very first time or you’re just getting started with a complete Reddit social media marketing plan, you can get support from Managergram.

At Managergram, we offer a variety of social media promotion services, including guaranteed Reddit upvotes and Reddit followers.

We know that your social media accounts are essential for your success, and we want to see you soar. That’s why we offer a variety of Reddit marketing packages to meet your needs. To learn more, click here.


Final Thoughts: It’s Easy to Use Reddit to Expand Your Reach Online

No matter what niche topics you’re interested in or what kind of company you run, Reddit is a great social media site to promote your work.

On Reddit, you can raise awareness about your products or services and gain the influence you need to succeed. So, get out there and get those Reddit upvotes!

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