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5 Social Media Tendencies That Will Make Your Business Skyrocket In 2022


Businesses all around the world recognize the importance of social media platforms when it comes to growing their operations.

After all, approximately 4.48 billion people – 57% of the world’s population – are on social media, so broadcasting your business activities across various platforms is a smart move.

If your business isn’t on social media, it’s missing out on a huge range of opportunities. But why is maintaining various social media platforms necessary in the present day? And what are some of the features you can use to your advantage?

Below, we explain in detail why social media is such a pivotal tool for your business and introduce five social media tendencies that will help you skyrocket your business to the next level in 2022.


Why Social Media is Important for Business 

Social media is where it’s happening. Today, people turn to their social accounts to discover the latest trends, hear the most recent news, interact with their friends, and even buy products and services.

For many people, social media has replaced mainstream media, and they rely completely on their social media apps for their daily news and interactions.

And because social media platforms connect and enable you to broadcast to such a huge potential audience, it’s so important that your business is active on sites that make sense to you. Let’s take a look at why social media is so important for businesses:


Increased brand visibility 

Companies all around the world can utilize social media platforms to increase their brand visibility. Regardless of industry, companies can visually tell their unique stories and appeal to the sensitives of their potential customers.

Because so many people use social media as their primary source of information, it’s certainly in the best interests of businesses to appear on the timelines of their followers.


Lead generation

Approximately one in two consumers uses social media platforms to search for products and services. Savvy businesses can tap into the purchasing habits of potential customers by developing social media strategies that appeal to their target audience.

By engaging with the general public, companies are able to generate leads and hopefully increase their bottom line. If your content is on point, then there’s no reason why you can’t improve engagement and generate leads on multiple social media platforms.


Community building

Business owners have a unique opportunity to build a community around their brands, and social media is the perfect way to do this. For small businesses, in particular, their community is what drives the business forward.

Appearing on social media as a business enables your community to connect with your brand and promote and share your updates. This is so important as it fuels the growth and upward trajectory of your brand.


Customer interaction and feedback 

Some businesses utilize social media as the primary method of communicating with their customers. This might be to make reservations, discuss product releases, or even to deal with customer issues and complaints.

Several social media platforms enable your customers to provide you with feedback and to rate your business, which in turn will help you grow your reputation and attract new clients as a result.


5 Social Media Tendencies That Will Make Your Business Skyrocket In 2022


Five Social Media Tendencies to Help Your Business Grow in 2022 

Honestly, we could have written an entire article about why social media is important for your business! But we want to instead focus on some tendencies of certain social media platforms that will help your business skyrocket in 2022.

If your business is new to social media, here are five tendencies that you need to get on board with, so you can grow your brand this coming year:


TikTok: Marketing

Research from Hootsuite indicates that TikTok is likely to become one of the most important social networks for marketing in 2022.  

In September 2021, TikTok welcomed its one billionth user, which made it the seventh most popular social network in the world. The reason that this is so impressive is that TikTok increased its users by an incredible 45% in less than one year.

And one in four businesses considers TikTok influential in achieving their marketing goals, which is a huge increase from previous years (more than 700%!). As people’s attention spans continue to shorten, TikTok content will prove even more popular as time goes on.

Thanks to the huge increase in TikTok users, and the fact that the network introduced business profiles, ads, and a creator marketplace, now is the time to set up your account and get your business in front of TikTokers worldwide!

5 Social Media Tendencies That Will Make Your Business Skyrocket In 2022


Instagram: Shop Tool (E-commerce) 

Emarket predicts that social commerce sales will reach $45.74 billion by the end of 2022, which is a 25% increase on 2021. By 2025, the figure is expected to be just under the $80 billion mark!

So, what’s driving this growth in commerce through social media?

One of the key aspects of this growth is that more social media platforms are now e-commerce equipped. Not so long ago, companies used social media to direct their clients to their websites, but this is no longer necessary.

Take Instagram, for instance. Businesses can now set up a shop account and sell directly from their Instagram account. It’s super simple to set up, and all you need to do is create a product inventory, and away you go!

At Manager Gram, we’re acutely aware of the crucial role that Instagram is likely to play in your social media marketing strategy in 2022. That’s why we offer a range of enticing Instagram growth strategies that will help you increase your followers, receive automatic likes and views, and boost engagement in various other ways.

Given that more and more people will continue shopping online in the coming years, the start of 2022 is the perfect time to convert your Instagram page into an e-commerce platform, no matter what the products and services that you usually sell.

5 Social Media Tendencies That Will Make Your Business Skyrocket In 2022


Twitter: Spaces 

If your business is particularly active on Twitter, then you can make use of the platform’s all-new Spaces feature, which is likely to hit the mainstream in 2022. Essentially, Twitter Spaces enables you to have a live audio conversation with other users on the platform.

It works a little like a group call – you can set up a space on your profile and invite other Twitter users to join. Up to thirteen individuals can join a Twitter space, but anyone on the platform can tune in as a listener. And at present, you need to have at least 600 followers on Twitter to utilize the Spaces feature.

The reason that we think Spaces will be perfect for your business in 2022 is that it offers the perfect opportunity to get closer to your customers. It also allows you to go live and interact with your followers in a slightly different way.

Some businesses even use Twitter Spaces to invite guest speakers to broadcast live to their audience and customers, which again is another new aspect of the platform that you can take advantage of this year.

The bottom line is that Twitter Spaces allows you to be more present and interactive with your customers, which can only be a good thing for your success and growth in 2022.

5 Social Media Tendencies That Will Make Your Business Skyrocket In 2022


Facebook: Learn About Ads 

Unlike the Instagram shop and Twitter Spaces, Facebook ads are nothing new. But if you’re keen to improve your engagement on social media platforms as a business, then you need to get familiar with Facebook ads.

Research suggests that approximately 2.18 billion people can be reached through ads on the platform – a truly astounding number of potential clients! And while you don’t need to be a digital marketer to get the most out of Facebook ads, it is important that you have a general understanding of how Facebook ads actually work.

The best place for you to start is to access your company’s Facebook Business Suite (or set up one if you don’t currently have one). Then, within the suite, you can access the ads manager, which enables you to get started with your social media marketing campaign.

One essential tip to get the most out of Facebook ads is that you need to start by considering your audience. Think about who they are, what they look like, and what they want to see, and be sure to tailor your ads to pique their interests.

When scheduled properly, Facebook ads have the power to completely transform your business and will undoubtedly help you grow and evolve your company throughout 2022.

5 Social Media Tendencies That Will Make Your Business Skyrocket In 2022

YouTube – Creator Studio App 

The final social media platform we think will play a crucial role in your company’s transformation in 2022 is YouTube. Recently, YouTube launched a brand-new Creator Studio app, which essentially made channel management a whole lot easier for users.

What’s more, the Creator Studio app is jam-packed with analytics, which you can access to learn about the popularity of your uploads, as well as the demographics of your audience and various other key metrics.

And now that it’s easier to upload and track the videos that you upload to YouTube, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate YouTube videos into your 2022 digital marketing campaign.

If you’re keen to stimulate the growth of your YouTube channel in 2022, be sure to check out our broad range of YouTube growth services. We can help you increase your subscribers and video likes and ensure your videos appeal to a much wider audience.

Thanks to the new Creator Studio App, now is the time to take charge of your company’s YouTube account in order to share content that you know your customers and followers will engage with.  


Use Manager Gram to Your Advantage 

While many of us hope for organic growth when seeking to build our social media platforms, there is another way to get your social media engagement levels up to the required level.

At Manager Gram, we have put together a range of excellent social media growth services that will help you boost your numbers on TikTokInstagramTwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

Given the five social media tendencies that we’ve introduced above, now is a great time to grow your social media accounts so you can get the most out of your digital marketing strategy in 2022.

Our various strategies are effective, affordable, and proven to work, so be sure to check out our broad range of growth services today to help propel your business in the right direction this coming year.


Final Thoughts 

Although we’re all experiencing a fair amount of uncertainty at the start of 2022, one thing is for sure: social media will continue to be popular all around the world!

As such, make sure your business is prepared to engage with your clients on various social media platforms, and consider the five tendencies that we’ve introduced above to get ahead.

You can’t afford to remain offline in the digital age, so ensure your social media strategy is on point so you can grow your business in line with your goals and objectives in 2022.

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