twitter spaces vs. clubhouse

Twitter Spaces VS. Clubhouse: Which One Is Best For You?


In this article, we’ll explore the hot debate of Twitter Spaces VS. Clubhouse, and you’ll discover which platform is best for you and why.

A part of what makes live audio chatrooms like Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse so attractive is the ability to connect with users outside of your network. Onboarding new fans, followers, and club members are essential for growth, and live audio networks are one of the best new ways to boost your presence online.

So, now that you know why you need to be on either Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse, let’s narrow down your choice.


What are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is just one feature that allows audio conversations on Twitter. Since Twitter has such a large team, Spaces are always evolving. You can even send your feedback by tweeting or direct messaging @TwitterSpaces.

Twitter Spaces launched in November 2020 as a response to Clubhouse’s success. Although Twitter Spaces has done a lot to mimic Clubhouse, the two audio spaces are distinct.

Twitter Spaces VS. Clubhouse: Which One Is Best For You?


What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is not just a feature. It is an entire app devoted to live audio conversations. The idea behind Clubhouse was to create an online space that felt more in touch with reality by allowing users to speak to one another in real-time. 

It was developed by co-founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, and it was the first app of its kind. Many other social media networks (like Twitter) used Clubhouse as inspiration. 

Clubhouse first launched in March 2020, but it wasn’t open to the entire public then. It wasn’t until the summer of 2021 that Clubhouse removed the invite-only feature from the app.

A part of what made Clubhouse so popular was that its launch and rise coincided with pandemic shutdowns. Now, reports claim that Clubhouse is on the decline.

Twitter Spaces VS. Clubhouse: Which One Is Best For You?


How is Twitter Spaces Different from Clubhouse?

Even though Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are essentially the same types of social media platforms, they have major differences that set them apart.

In this section, we’ll explore all the key differences between Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse. Then, we’ll help you decide which one is best for you.

Barriers to Access

When Clubhouse was released, it had a surprising feature for a public social media network: it was invite-only.

Being put on a waitlist to see what Clubhouse was all about creating a buzz; however, Clubhouse is now open to all. Like Clubhouse, Twitter is also an open platform where anyone can create an account and attend live audio chatrooms.

The difference in current accessibility comes into play if you want to host a chatroom. At Clubhouse, anyone can create their own room. With Twitter Spaces, you have to earn your place by having at least 600 followers.

Desktop Compatibility

If you pitted Twitter Spaces vs. Clubhouse against each other here, it would be a draw. Currently, you can only use Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse on your mobile device. Luckily, most of us do have smartphones.

But, if you’re looking forward to being able to stream on your desktop, keep an eye out on Twitter Spaces. They plan to add web compatibility in the near future.

Number of Listeners and Speakers

Clubhouse allows up to 5,000 listeners in one room at a time, while Twitter Spaces allow unlimited listeners. The winner of this category might seem clear—but wait.

Twitter Spaces restricts the number of speakers to 11, while Clubhouse allows an unlimited number of speakers.

So, the best platform in this regard is highly dependent on your situation and the type of audio chat you want to host or participate in.


The main way listeners interact with speakers through Twitter Spaces is with emojis. Clubhouse does not allow listeners to send emojis or interact nonverbally with speakers. Instead, listeners can “raise their hands” and wait for an invitation to the conversation.

Accessibility and Captions

Twitter Spaces supports automated live captions. These captions have about 5 seconds of delay and are only displayed when listeners have a live Space open in the Twitter app. If the app is minimized or the Space is minimized within the app, captions will not appear.

On the other hand, Clubhouse does not support captions at all.

No captions pose major accessibility issues for listeners who are deaf or hard of hearing, have auditory processing issues, and non-native speakers. 

Twitter Spaces VS. Clubhouse: Which One Is Best For You?

Interface and Discovering Rooms

It’s much easier to discover new rooms on Clubhouse because you can browse all the active rooms from the “hallway.” The rooms you see are suggested based on your interests, but you can search for specific rooms.

Twitter Spaces has no sort of “hallway” situation where you can peer into their many rooms. Instead, you can only preview two rooms at a time that are hosted by people you follow on Twitter. You can’t search for or browse new rooms, which makes discovery a lot harder.

Twitter Spaces VS. Clubhouse: Which One Is Best For You?


Twitter Spaces vs. Clubhouse: Which one is Better?

So, now that you know who wins in the Twitter Spaces VS. Clubhouse debate, it’s time to uncover which one is best for you.

Why Clubhouse is Better Than Twitter Spaces

Clubhouse is an audio-only app. Its whole purpose is to provide a platform where users can engage in and listen to live chats. Because of that, Clubhouse:

  • allows for more engagement from the audience
  • permits anyone to host a conversation
  • makes it easier for users to discover new rooms and branch out
  • has more layers and complexity
  • is the number one player in the drop-in audio platform game

Why Twitter Spaces is Better Than Clubhouse

On the other hand, Twitter Spaces:

  • provides greater accessibility to its community
  • has more daily users than Clubhouse
  • is better for streams that generate more than 5,000 listeners
  • will soon add desktop compatibility

Based on these advantages, you’ll have to decide for yourself which platform is better for you.


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Final Thoughts: Should You Use Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse?

When it comes to social media marketing, choosing the right platform is the first step towards growth.

The decision of whether Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse is better for you depends on what kind of rooms you want to host.

Clubhouse provides more intimate spaces that allow for greater interaction and discourse, while Twitter is better if you expect to have an audience of more than 5,000 people or if your audience is more likely to use live captions.

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