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Using Instagram DM For Business + Quick Tips

Instagram Direct Message is a feature that is crowned to be the Snapchat killer according to many people. This is because the feature is amazing when it comes to sending private images and videos to other Instagram users.

Therefore, every users has a major opportunity to connect with influencers and his following in a new, totally private and secure manner. And just like Snapchat, business pages can also use this feature in order to drive more sales, increase their traffic, promote their existing or new products or advertise their services in a brand new way.

Instagram Direct is basically a godsend for advertising, mostly because the tool lets you interact with actual customers – based on their actual interests, demographics, location and needs. From scavenger hunts, to direct messages, to people interested in your products, using Instagram DM is probably the best way on the network to go.

Also, the benefits of using Instagram DM feature are endless. And we are listing them in the part below.

The Benefits Of Using Instagram DM

There are many reasons on why using Instagram DM is a great way to build a solid audience and increase your revenues. Below, we are including the best ways to do it.

Perform Test Runs

Basically, the fact that Instagram Direct Message lets you perform test runs before marketing to your audience is one worth it. A great way to perform test runs is to use Instagram Direct messaging and test it out on loyal customers who are most likely to provide honest feedback.

You can even use this method to come up with new items or present your followers to services and ask them which ones are they most likely to choose or buy.

Get Introduced to Your Customers, Their Habits And Interests

Instagram Direct also lets you learn more about your ideal followers, their habits and basically everything that they do when they are online on Instagram. From the best times to post to the most active time of your followers, there are tools to track your audience’s activity and pick up on patterns.

Additionally, you can visit the profiles of users who engage with you or have bought your products via Instagram Direct and learn from them. Their interests, posts and hashtags can tell you a great story and give you valuable insights.

Learn The Secrets Of Great Customer Service

Instagram Direct Message is also great for teaching you how to provide an awesome customer service. Knowing that Instagram rose to the second largest social network, we all know that users use it to express their emotions, even if they are negative ones. However, this can once again give you major insights.

For example, if you see a customer of yours publicly complaining about your products, you can respond to their negative review by directly reaching out to them via Instagram DM. The point is, the feature lets you get in touch with your followers faster and have private dialogues in order to resolve the issues.

Level-Up Your Networking Skills

Sending follow-up emails to people that you encountered at networking events can be great through Instagram Direct Message. In fact, you can nurture existing relationships by saying that it is nice to catch up with these people – or follow up with a new contact in a nice way.

Although many people are used to email as the right channel for this, Instagram Direct messaging has proven to be used even more than emails. Also, you can use some of the nice ways to start the conversation such as a photo, video, a relevant hashtag or a particular moment that stuck out to you.

Group messages are also great when it comes to networking. You can easily target a company or connect with a group of people that you met at an event.

Make Those Relationships Count

The main idea of Instagram Direct Message is not to get you instant customers – but to create deeper connections with your clients through the more personalized messaging. For example, you can send ‘thank you’ notes to individual clients after their first purchase and remind everyone that your brand cares.

Also, you can send birthday cards, holiday greetings, content and offers tailored to your audience’s demographics, needs and interests. The best thing is that Instagram DM lets you dive deeper than your ordinary marketing efforts and introduces you to your audience in the way you want it.

For that manner, a lot of people compare Instagram Direct with Snapchat. However, below we are showing why it is not the same type of messaging – and how Instagram Direct Messaging is better.

4 Amazing Features That Make Instagram Direct Great (And Better Than Snapchat)

Although it was Snapchat that started with short images and vides previewed and turned off after 24 hours initially, Instagram adopted the same model – bringing a lot of new features on top of this one. So, the number of differences that go on Instagram’s side are endless, including…

1. Shelf Life

First and foremost, the major difference between Instagram Direct Message and Snapchat is that with Instagram, your messages do not disappear or self destruct after a while. Instead, they remain in your inbox. This lets you go back and forth through your messages even years after and see them as nice memories.

2. Group Messages

Instagram Direct Message is also a great feature because of the group messaging option. As you probably know, sending a group message on Snapchat comes with higher privacy. However, on Instagram you can see who have you sent your message to and the receiving side can also see that.

3. Group Replying

Aside from the group messages, Instagram Direct Message lets you reply to the group of friends selected to see your photo. Unlike Snapchat, where the reply only goes to the person who sent the message.

Speaking of which, receiving the messages on Instagram gives people the ability to reply to all, reply just to the sender or comment on them. Although a bit problematic if you send a message to a group and not be careful with replying, this is a great feature introduced by Instagram Direct Message.

4. Network

If you have a larger follower base on Instagram than you have on Snapchat (which is very likely), you should know that your private reach is better on Instagram. In a nutshell, Instagram’s arena allows you to grow faster, while Snapchat is limited in this perspective.

What About Influencer Marketing With Instagram Direct Message?

If you want to broadcast your messages on Instagram – you must have a strategy. As simple as that, you can do that in both private or direct approaches. The main benefit here is that Instagram lets you communicate in groups which actually helps strengthening your community. And if you still haven’t created your community, all you need to do is explore the top influencers or brand ambassadors in the field and strengthen your relationships with them.

So in a nutshell, Instagram Direct helps you create targeted messages to different types of users, including potential customers but also influencers in the industry.

As you probably know, you can run some promotion or send coupon codes to influencers for advertising your products/services – or alternatively create your own product and give promotions to certain people based on their behavior with your profile and business.

Another crucial advantage of Instagram Direct Message for influencers is that it connects you to users which you had never been able to reach before. Practically, this means that you can search for your customers and find the people that ideally fit the customer personas for your brand.

Even though you may think that reaching them feels spammy, they will definitely appreciate your effort and back you up one way or another.

To wrap it up, Instagram Direct messaging is great for capturing influencers and staying in touch with them. Whether you are communicating individually or in a group, you need to follow the guidelines and always keep the communication clean.

7 Amazing Instagram Direct Message Ideas That Will Grow Your Follower Base

Some say that the best way to get introduced to a new feature is to see examples of it used before. So today, we are listing all of our proven ideas that will work for your Instagram Direct messaging efforts.

  • Flash Sales – You can let your customers know of a flash sale and send them a coupon or keyword they need to use in order to cash it in – all via Instagram DM;
  • Scavenger Hunts – Instagram users love scavenger hunts. All you need to give is an image of a product that have to find in your store to get a discount, for example 20% off;
  • Secret Menu Items – You can create secret menu items that your followers could only eat that day;
  • Instagram Direct Contest – Creating a contest where your followers have to write down your 10 keywords or images in order to win a monthly supply of your products can benefit you well…or, by the way, any other kind of contest;
  • Say Hello – You don’t know how important a simple ‘Hello!’ is to your followers. So why not spread the positive energy and say hi?
  • Fill The Blanks – Let your followers guess the middle word in a sentence to get a sale.
  • Speedy Responses – Send a direct message to a group of your followers, letting them know that the first to respond wins a prize.

The bottom line is that all of these ideas work – but not specifically for every niche and audience. That is why you need to test and test more – or at least read about the best practices with this tool before trying it out.

Best Practices When Using Instagram DM

According to experts in the field of Instagram direct messaging, the best way to use this feature of the app is to turn on your notifications and always be responsive. After all, it is your business that matters and every new customer is a great opportunity.

Speaking of customers, most of the research says that they want to be addressed individually and not as part of large groups. Unless you are connecting with people from a networking event, company or a group of people related to each other – keep the messaging private.

This is mostly because a group message can see each others’ comments and responses and that Instagram Direct is made for more personal interaction and one where people want to feel valued.
Also, a great note to take is to not use auto responders or any chatting bots. As advanced the technology is nowadays, it always fails when it comes to actual communication – and people will notice it. Thanking your followers for following in a robotic way is not actually too much personal and probably annoys users more that it engages them.

What you should do is be considerate and personal. Although this seems easy and obvious, you should know that Instagram Direct Message is best when you are referencing a previous engagement, photo, message or hashtag – and not hard-selling your products or services with cold messaging.

A Final Word

In the end, it is safe to say that using Instagram DM is a great/must do idea – and one that builds a bridge between brands and customers.

It doesn’t actually matter what you are, because the communication will somehow get to you at a later point. All you can do is expect it or make it part of your digital strategy.

And remember – a careful thought, relevant message and extra effort always go a long way on Instagram Direct.

By following the best practices that we outlined above and learning them by heart, you will definitely increase and engage your audience in a more efficient way.

Good luck!

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