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Why Visual Identity Is Essential For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy (+ Tips To Improve)


It’s no secret that great branding is essential for any successful business. A strong visual identity helps you make a name for yourself and carve out your own place within the busy background of social media.

Although creating a strong brand identity involves many facets, today we’re going to focus on your visual identity.

What do customers, clients, or followers see when they visit your page? Is it consistent and compelling?

We’ll help you answer these questions and more in this guide to developing your brand’s visual identity.

What Is Visual Identity?

Visual identity is a facet of brand identity that covers all visual media and content. Visual identity encompasses things like your:

  • logo
  • profile pictures
  • cover photos
  • images on social media posts
  • video content

Anything followers see on social media is contained within the concept of visual identity—even the emojis you use!

Why Visual Identity Is Essential For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy (+ Tips To Improve)


Why Is Visual Identity Important on Social Media?

Before we get into how to improve your brand’s visual identity, let’s talk about why visual identity is so important on social media.

Strong visual identity captures the audience’s attention.

You have about six seconds to capture peoples’ attention before they scroll away. Powerful imagery and a strong visual identity can ensure that followers actually view your content.

Your followers will remember you.

You want to be memorable—whether you’re an influencer, brand ambassador, or a small business, if someone recognizes you, they’re more likely to stick around.

So, whether you’re posting, updating your logo, or running an ad campaign, make sure your content is worth remembering.

Consistent visuals add professionalism to your brand.

High-quality content shows that a brand is professional—and yes, professionalism still matters on social media. Consistent, quality visuals tell viewers that your brand is worth following. And if you sell a product, it can even establish brand trust, aiding in your mission to convert customers.

Great visual identity can make you stand out from other businesses and creators.

Don’t get lost in the mix. Instead of being “just another creator,” you can create a name for yourself in any niche with a strong visual identity.

You can get more followers on social media.

As a brand on social media, growth is important. You want to increase engagement by getting viewers to follow, like, and comment on your content.

When your brand has a strong visual identity on Instagram, they’re more likely to follow you to see more. And isn’t that why you started an Instagram account in the first place?

Why Visual Identity Is Essential For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy (+ Tips To Improve)


3 Tips to Improve Your Visual Identity on Social Media.

Now that you know the benefits of establishing visual identity, we’ll help you improve your social media pages with these proven tips for developing a strong brand.

Develop a pattern or theme to hold everything together.

From your logo to each individual post to the videos you record, every piece of content you publish should be linked to everything else.

How can you do that? It’s simple.

Just choose a theme, pattern, or color palette (or all of the above).

Want an example? We’ve got plenty. Use this Instagram accounts for inspiration:

  • Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner uses a bold red and pink aesthetic.
  • Nike features athletes with captivating, high-quality photography.
  • The Modern Proper presents food photography with bold earth tones.
  • Adriene Mishler promotes her yoga brand with neutral lifestyle posts.
  • Starbucks loves to showcase its coffee with pastels like mint green, baby blue, and light pink.
  • In-N-Out uses their classic color scheme of yellow, red, and white to inform their posts.

Still not sure what works best for your brand? Use colors from your logo! Or, if you’re still developing your logo, consider what colors fit well with your brand.

For example, let’s say you run a small tea company that focuses on decaffeinated tea to wind down after a long day. Neutral, calming colors would work best. We’d go with tans, creams, and light browns or grays as the dominant color scheme.

Still need some inspiration? Check out these creative color palettes for Instagram!

Take advantage of templates.

If you’ve never used templates before, you’re missing out. Templates are life-savers (and time-savers) whether you’re creating an Instagram post, developing a business card, or generating a whole new website.

When you use templates on social media, here’s the best strategy. Collect 3-5 templates that work for your business.

Use each template multiple times for different posts but avoid using one template twice in a row. Also, be mindful not to rotate through the templates mechanically. Mix it up, so it feels more random.

Then, you’ll see just how easy it is to create a cohesive feel throughout all of your Instagram posts (or other social media content). Templates bless us with the gift of consistency without making us do the hard work.

Why Visual Identity Is Essential For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy (+ Tips To Improve)

Be consistent throughout all social media platforms.

Speaking of consistency, your visual identity should stay the same across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and any other social platform you use.

If you want to reuse the same posts across social media platforms, that’s ok! And you can always cross-promote posts. These strategies can help you generate consistent content with less effort.

Your visual identity should also remain cohesive throughout each profile. By this, we mean that your profile picture, logo, cover photo, and posts should all feel connected visually.

If your logo is white and light blue, don’t forget to include those colors in your color scheme for your posts. If your logo gives a minimalistic vibe, don’t make posts that are visually busy. Make sure everything matches.

Why Visual Identity Is Essential For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy (+ Tips To Improve)

Get More Followers on Social Media.

Developing your brand identity is a great way to increase the number of people who follow you and gain powerful engagement that will help you gain brownie points with social media algorithms.

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At Managergram, we’re dedicated to helping you grow your Instagram account. While developing your business’s visual identity with these expert tips is sure to help you achieve your social media goals, Managergram’s Instagram promotion packages can get you to your goals even faster.


Wrap Up: Grow Your Instagram Account with Great Visual Identity

Establishing a brand identity is at the core of any successful marketing campaign—whether you’re posting a billboard ad or running social media accounts. And your visual identity is a key aspect of your overall brand identity.

Remember, creating a phenomenal brand identity will:

  • Capture your audience’s attention.
  • Make your accounts memorable.
  • Add professionalism to your brand’s social media accounts.
  • Help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Convince more people to follow you!

And a few simple tips for improving your visual identity on social media include:

  • Create a pattern or color scheme using inspiration you can find online.
  • Use templates to develop consistency throughout your posts.
  • Remember to stay consistent across each social media platform. 

Wondering how else you can boost your performance on social media? Ask Managergram for help.

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